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  1. I have read a lot on this forum and youtube about a good first wheel for a 220lb rider. Many say the V10F is a great first wheel but often say they wish they got something longer range and a bit faster like the 18XL. I was ready to pull the trigger on the 18XL but got really scared off about reports of Kingsong poor quality control. Gotway also has a lot of love from Gotway owners but QC in 2021 is now notoriously inconsistent. So sad to see Black Cobra's situation and hard to ignore (@Erwin: get well soon, we all owe you a lot for drawing us to EUCs, in spite of this set back). So what's
  2. For first time EUC buyers much discussion revolves around speed, range, weight, tire size, and ergonomics but what about ease of maintenance and repairs? Can anyone comment on the degree of difficulty to replace flat tires for example, on the typical range of first wheel EUCs: Inmotion V8F, 10F, 11, Kingsong s18, 18XL, 16X, 16S; Gotway MCM5, Tesla, Nikola+, RS. What EUCs are simplest to open up, access the wheel and repair? It seems from various tear down videos that EUCs are not really designed well to be opened for regular maintenance and I can see how it simple it would be to str
  3. @Scottie888 as an owner of a Tesla V2 and MCM5v2, which one do you think is better for offroading? How would you recommend these against the KS 16S, V8F and V10F for first time (100+ kg) EUC riders?
  4. Thomas, did you buy your EUC? Given you have only a 3km trip and if money is also an issue you could also look into an electric scooter. The Apollo scooters are a good option and just down the road in Montreal if you want to test drive their line. I have an Apollo Explore, which is great, but am also looking into an EUC just for fun. The EUCs you are considering are all in the mix for me as well.
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