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  1. Usually my wheel the 16x would last me for a whole day without any concern. This morning though I decided that I was going to take a trip to the countryside of the town. For some reason I was reaching the max speed really often but it doesn't even feel like I was going that fast at all. It just keeps happening! Within 2 hours of riding I checked my phone, I've ridden for about 50km already, and then I checked the battery. 📲 I was kinda shock as the battery said my wheel only has 40% battery left. I ride a little bit more and within half an hour the battery got as
  2. From the accident that I have had last week : The knee guards that I currently use are way too short to protect my calf therefore I need a better one. So now I'm on the question of which is the best knee guard you would recommend and do you find it distracting when using it with power-pad? I usually ride with right foot at the back and left foot on the front and it's very important for me to feel my shin contacting with the power pad itself so I can properly know how much weight I should lean into the wheel. With a longer knee guard like the one I've tried the Scoyco K12 It wa
  3. That's exactly what had happened, I though my wheel was quiet enough that it shouldn't wake any dogs sleeping around the area. Guess I was wrong.
  4. After purchasing my first wheel 16X for a month, gotta say that it's now one of my favorite thing that I own. Literally the best way to relax after work and nothing can really compare to that feeling. I ride it every day and can not imaging myself living without EUC anymore. and then it came... I was riding my 16X in a park of Bangkok, Thailand at night without being aware that at night stray dogs would be around and yes, I got chased by a group of 4-5 full-grown dogs at the same time. bark bark bark! behind me, I was totally jump scaring especially when the park was complete
  5. Just got my first wheel the KS16X a week ago which I’ve now already done 300km on it commuting to my office and cruising around city at 3am. It’s now the only thing that I look forward to do everyday. The more time spend on this wheel the more it feels right. Thanks to you all and the great community of EUC. I feel like this is a hobby that we can truly share our experience and knowledge together by 100%. The more we know the more fun and the safer we are. Just discovered that if I have my feet not parallel together (so one is on the top of the peddle another is on the back) then I
  6. Guys I just got my 16X yesterday and it was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST THING I EVER BOUGH in many years. Took me around 15 minutes to get used to the wheel then I'm clicked. Had a 30km ride after midnight where there's no car on the road and it was just magical. I didn't know I can go as far and forget about the time passed (got back to my apartment at 3 in the morning). Thankfully my unicycle(the one that isn't electric) and skiing skills both comes to help when balancing my weight on the EUC. This is going to be a life hobby for sure.
  7. I'm about to get a new 16x as my first ever wheel within few days, never felt so excited buying something like this before. I'm a photographer and usually walk around 20km a day when going out taking photos (I don't like the action of walking but I do like to go out and shoot), until I saw a guy who was on an EUC a week ago I knew it right away I have to get one. There are just so many places I've wished I can go but never knew how to because I don't own a car and my type of photography is more of a stop and shoot during the walk rather than going to one specific location. So I'm wondering in
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