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  1. Just got my first wheel the KS16X a week ago which I’ve now already done 300km on it commuting to my office and cruising around city at 3am. It’s now the only thing that I look forward to do everyday. The more time spend on this wheel the more it feels right. Thanks to you all and the great community of EUC. I feel like this is a hobby that we can truly share our experience and knowledge together by 100%. The more we know the more fun and the safer we are. Just discovered that if I have my feet not parallel together (so one is on the top of the peddle another is on the back) then I
  2. Guys I just got my 16X yesterday and it was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST THING I EVER BOUGH in many years. Took me around 15 minutes to get used to the wheel then I'm clicked. Had a 30km ride after midnight where there's no car on the road and it was just magical. I didn't know I can go as far and forget about the time passed (got back to my apartment at 3 in the morning). Thankfully my unicycle(the one that isn't electric) and skiing skills both comes to help when balancing my weight on the EUC. This is going to be a life hobby for sure.
  3. I'm about to get a new 16x as my first ever wheel within few days, never felt so excited buying something like this before. I'm a photographer and usually walk around 20km a day when going out taking photos (I don't like the action of walking but I do like to go out and shoot), until I saw a guy who was on an EUC a week ago I knew it right away I have to get one. There are just so many places I've wished I can go but never knew how to because I don't own a car and my type of photography is more of a stop and shoot during the walk rather than going to one specific location. So I'm wondering in
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