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  1. I have two flights of stairs to climb every time I ride, which is why I purchased the Tesla V2 as my second wheel. I remember a short segment, I think on EcoDrift, where he demonstrated how easy it was to trolley the Sherman up a short flight of stairs. Can anyone chime in with their experience? Would it be possible to trolley up two flights of stairs? Thanks ahead of time for any feedback.
  2. I've tried the shut down and phone reboot, and turning the wheel off and on while using the app, but still no connecting with most features other than lights. If I try to delete and reinstall the app, will I lose my mileage reading? Is there a reason I could have missed an update? Not a deal breaker. I can still use the wheel, it's just nice to be able to track miles and battery percentage especially.
  3. Thanks meepmeepmayer and null for your replies. I can connect with the Gotway app just fine, and I can turn on the lights and strobe from Darknessbot but can't turn them off. All other features just circle and circle without connecting. Weird. Not sure what you mean by "double click the home button". Would that be on the app or my phone? Not very savvy about these things.
  4. Hello everyone, new member here. I have a Tesla V2 with 1,000 miles on it. Been using Darknessbot to track my rides. For some reason it has stopped connecting to my wheel. I use an iphone 5s. Any insight on how to fix this would be appreciated.
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