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  1. An EUC legalized as a motor bike will suck. It would likely be much bigger, heavier with a lot of safety features we currently don't have and will limit the places we can go with it (probably won't be able to take it into a store, restaurant,...etc.) By design the EUC is not as safe as other PEV's so realistically they will likely only get legalized to be included in same the category as pedal bikes (my preference, D) with a severe speed cap limit (20mph or less). Right now many places are looking to legalizing electric scooters and e-bikes in the same group as pedal bikes and the 20mph s
  2. You’re over thinking it. You are standing on a flat surface with grip tape, so any shoe that is comfortable to stand on is fine. Instead focus on comfort, weather and protection requirements. Do you have flat arches and usually use insoles? Make sure you use them here too. If you are worried about bruises, shin pads and high skate shoes or hiking shoes are good. Just don’t go buy some niche purpose built “euc riding shoes” because that’s the wrong mindset. You should aim to be familiar riding your euc with all shoes. Only then can you truly experience the freedom as you can dress for
  3. Agree 100%. I wrote in the EUC fire thread that fires is what caused hoverboards to get banned from multiple places/banned from imports..etc and I really hope Gotway doesn’t ruin it for the rest of us this way. High speed scooters are way bigger risk to public safety. Any first timer can get on a 100km/h scooter and cause a major accident. EUC first timer maybe get 10ft before eating it. To ride like the NYC guys requires great skill and some recklessness but a scooter only requires recklessness (or just stupidity). Also EUC requires new skills at each increasing speed segment or you
  4. For anyone concerned with the enclosure melting, you can add some cheap fire-rated drywall (gysum board) and/or paint the inside with intumescent paint (also fairly cheap for non-commercial grade). https://www.homedepot.com/p/Firetect-WT-102-1-gal-White-Flat-Latex-Intumescent-Fireproofing-Flame-Retardant-Paint-Coating-for-Wood-102W-1/307899625 This paint goes on thin but expands quickly in a fire and is used commonly on architecturally exposed structural steel or wood to achieve fire resistance. It may even help if you applied this paint on the inner shell/battery packs. Won't stop t
  5. This is extremely worrying. Fires during testing or during use after rain/falls, etc., I can somewhat understand as the product is being pushed to its limits. Also we cannot 100% be sure there weren't modifications to the battery/BMS. However this fire occurred during transit straight from the factory with no modifications or stress from usage - this is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. Even the famous hoverboard incidents of 2015/2016 never once did I recall seeing reports of fires in unopened packages. Most incidents occurred during charging or after charging (so people had already used it/stre
  6. Sorry, but there's no way to validate that person is 70 years old with this potato cam footage..This could be a teenager for all we know There's such a huge range in physical/mental abilities in people that I don't think age should be a factor. I have a 80+(actual age unknown) yr old grandma that can navigate both IOS and Android devices better than anyone else in my family. She was also hit by a car 2 years ago while crossing the street and suffered nothing more than a few scrapes. Her friend she slightly bumped into still hasn't recovered and still can't walk. It's too bad she has no int
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