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  1. 100%. Also while it might seem ok if you're telling this to a driver in a nice car, you can't be sure who else may have heard you. Some of the EUC/E-Skate shops in my city are in mixed-income neighborhoods with sketchy people hanging out in front, and it's common to get asked how much when visiting. I always just say "It's a gift, so I'm not sure. Probably not much it's got only one wheel."
  2. I salute you for fully accepting the risk, and I understand why you shared this product since it worked so well for you. I just wanted to caution that even though your experience with this vest was so dramatic (no pain anywhere), it may not reflect the experiences of others who fall using a vest like this and this should be an important disclaimer when promoting any safety gear. The last thing we want is more naïve people getting into EUC and finding out the hard way that even while fully geared they can suffer broken bones, dislocated shoulders and other life-changing injuries inherent to thi
  3. I generally see two kinds of EUC riders: 1) Riders not wanting to accept the dangers of EUC riding and looking to avoid falls if at all possible and live by "ATGATT", geared to the teeth to give themselves the confidence that they will be OK even if they do take the rare fall. 2) Riders who have fully accepted the risks involved, and embraced the fact that falls will happen and is necessary to progress (usually riders interested in learning stunts, off-roading, other high risk riding, etc.), and wear enough gear to be comfortable with their personal risk assessment. I can see the appeal f
  4. Seems like yet another contraption to throw money at to bring mislead confidence to people who cannot(or is unwilling to accept the risk of) taking a fall going at "X" speed to continue riding at "X" speed... We've already got guys rolling around at bicycle speeds dressed like Optimus Prime - more heavily geared than the typical guy at a weekend motocross event or a daily motorcycle commuter and yet the consensus is that "no, I need more/better gear to be totally safe". Maybe the focus should be shifted to behavioral since a piece of gear can only take the safety level so far given that EUC
  5. Do you know any other details? Like mileage, year..etc. The board looks old...like a 1st generation, but the battery size looks to be 21700, so I assume this is early 2nd gen Nik+? if that's the case, might want to check if these are Panasonic or LG 21700 as there was a recall last year for the Panasonic cells. The board has been revised since last year and the beeper location also changed. The new board and fan arrangement looks very similar to the RS now. Temperature alarm has also been increased to 79-80 Celsius vs the 65 before and the heatsink is exposed now as well. Photo below is the
  6. This is interesting news but I predict it won’t be a long duration effect, unlike for example the extreme shortage of bicycles in the last year with shops taking preorders stretched into next summer. Bike stores have even shutdown due to lack of inventory. 2020 was a huge year for PEV’s but I think as COVID winds down, the increase in ridership will slow down as people have many other activities to get interested in. And let’s be honest you have to be a little nuts to get into EUC anyway and it’s not for the average person who just wants to go from A-B (average person being someone who’s not
  7. If buying new from local retailer (I assume smartwheel) then KS16X is a better deal, and more suitable for off-road than Nikola. The 16x has higher pedals, is lighter and has very good low end torque. If you can hold out for the V12 though (probably another 2-3months) it would be a much better choice especially at local pricing. Nikola is only worth it (value wise) if you are willing to take the risk of buying from AliExpress or you want the range from 2700wh battery.
  8. Looks like you've already slipped on that slope...there's no reason why a Sherman can't be a daily rider (many people use it for such) and if you don't need the performance or range, the V11 can be a 3-1 (daily + group ride + offroad) . Truly the magic number can only be n+1 as many have said As a shameless owner of 8 bikes (beater, bmx, trials, beach cruiser, ss/fixie, gravel, dirt jumper, full sus) I can absolutely explain why each one is needed for their specific purpose (and that actually I'm missing a road bike), but to anyone who isn't a bike nerd this is all the justification neede
  9. This idea of having multiple wheels for multiple uses or occasions I can somewhat understand but there is no cure for “upgraditis” other than simply trying them all. No amount of logical thinking is going to get rid of that itch lol. In the end most us only have one pair of legs and have a family life/job that demands a considerable amount of time so there is only so much riding to be done. Therefore it would make sense that over time most will end up with one primary wheel as their favourite/most used, which would benefit the most from an upgrade/replacement and one or two older special
  10. I’m a fan of the Boblbee backpacks - I have two in the 25L size setup for commuter & adventure use. Their website also has sales for half price accessories or free extra shell(with purchase of backpack) so get on the mailing list and keep an eye out for those! Best parts of the hard shell is knowing my work laptop & iPad will be safe if I wipe, the shell can be easily repaired with epoxy & fibreglass mesh, and after a rainy commute I can just wipe or hose off the grime that gets kicked up on the back and the generous length keeps my jacket mostly clean.
  11. The small new design change is classy and it's about time this model got the proper upgrade that it always needed! The price point $/WH is also bang on and has the added bonus of a proven chassis - I would argue it's Gotway's nicest looking, best-designed, most robust, and the only properly water-resistant shell in their entire lineup. Now why didn't this come out 4 months ago when I bought a second Nik+!! Guess I need to keep an eye out for your future collabs. Good luck with this release!
  12. I saw OP's post on reddit and would like to add the additional background info posted in the comments there that's missing here. Apparently the OP could not get the unit to self-balance upon taking it out of the box and turning it on. After sending a video of the issue to EUCO, they advised that there is no transportation lock on the MTEN3 and instead to charge it as the battery indicator looked low. After about 3 hrs on the charger, it exploded. The OP did connect the wheel to an APP prior to charging but does not recall the voltage reading. Obviously the OP had no reason to believe tha
  13. Today I straight up wiped out trying to dismount at a busy downtown intersection. Somehow my shoe got wedged at a weird angle in the pads so I accidentally pulled my foot out with the shoe still on the pedal! So now I’ve got one foot in the air freaking out trying to stick it back in the shoe while still moving and swerving like an idiot. I did not make it and my sock came off by the time I stopped/half bailed. So there I was at the stop light in the middle of the road trying to yank the shoe out of my pads, before casually walking back to collect my sock, as if this is a totally norma
  14. Just happened to come across these new pedals on Aliexpress from the WR store that hasn't been posted yet. Looks to be the same size as stock Nikola pedals but it's an interesting two-piece design, which means you can easily customize the footplate by getting some flat stock of whatever material you want and go ham with whatever size/design you want!
  15. Thanks for input guys. Have settled on the HT and looking forward to trying it out on some technical MTB trails with lots of roots, crazy climbs and drops! I've been doing freeride/DH mountain biking for many years, so I somewhat dismissed taking the EUC to real trails but after trying it out on some harder green/easier blue level routes, I was pleasantly surprised at its capabilities. Only really felt the traction and downhill braking being a limiting factor - which the RS HT with offroad tires hopefully handles better/best out of all the EUC's out there atm!
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