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  1. This is weird I'll try on wet grass to check but I don't have this problem at all. The only thing is that I almost sleeped on a wet leaf once but actually it catched itself immediately. But I guess because I've read some topics about the tire being sleepery I'm careful on whet surfaces more than usual
  2. Btw fellow riders, I ve muy some finished line fluorine oil on my damper plungers and every bearing, spacers etc... And I gotta say it made a big difference. Everything immediately felt very... Lubricated I guess. However it felt much better than lithium grease that collect the dust, everything felt very "fluid".. thumbs up for me towards this product.
  3. Thanks for your replies I think it's right. I don't top out but at the same time 180 feels a bit too soft. I think I'll try 190 / 80 or so.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I hope I won't have problems with my washers so good for now. Just one of the screw on the golden part seems like it doesn't fit well the Allen key, so I hope I will never have to tighten that again myself. I'll count on my shop to change tire and everything on that particular wheel.. I will try to adjust the shock pressure, I didn't dare to go low as 50psi because it filled very quickly to that pressure.. however what s your understanding about the negative chamber ? I feel a difference riding with différents pressures in it but I don't really get what it actually
  5. Hi everyone, thanks for making this topic so interesting. However I have a few questions. 1st of all : What's exactly the issues with KS spacers/ bearings etc ? I got mine, here in France one month ago and already about 600km, no problems at all so far. My only issue is to make the right settings for the suspension. I'm 75kg, 180/80 feels squiky, 200/150 too hard.. I don't exactly manage to understand the "négative chamber concept". I know it's supposed to damper the positive rebound but I don't really get for what I would need more pressure in negative chamber versus less pressure on th
  6. Nothing imolemnted you mean about upgrading the buzzer or the Tilt back system?
  7. However it makes me think that Kingsong should offer a much much louder buzzer on the S18. This is. Shame after 20kmh you just can't hear it..
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. I guess it's a little clearer. However in my 18L I already had Tilt back at slower speeds because of hard accélération. I still think KS may have a feature built in to prevent overlean Aas long as we don't push against it. Like when it detects it may lead to overcome capabilities of the wheel it uses the remaining power to Tilt back. I'm not sure though..
  9. Dear euc world users Here is what I got on euc world today. Min safety margin -1%. Min battery 48% min voltage : 63.4v I'm really surprised for several reasons : 1st : I set the margin alarm to 15% and even if the transaction between phone, cardo, ear, brain can take some delay I never experienced such a low value (usually I loose 3% max). 2nd : I should have experienced cut off below 0%, shouldn't I ? And I didn't even have a tilt back. I tried to do a free spins till cut off and it literally cuts at 0% What do your guys think about it ? It's the res
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