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  1. Okay, the only oversight I think I made is I didn’t fill it up with any air after I got it, maybe I should have, but then again I didn’t have it for long. It happened on day 5 and there weren’t any sharp objects in the concrete field just a few twigs. I am gonna make sure the tire pressure is at 30 PSI’s from now on if that helps but I’m pretty much grasping at straws when it comes to the “how” this flat happened.
  2. Hello guys, I made a post about the “flat tire” about a week ago but it turns out the tire is fine. After disassembling the EUC I found that the TIRE TUBE was wrapped around the outside of the tire, once I pulled it out of the shell I noticed it was completely pulled out of the tire itself. The thing I’m confused about is why. I didn’t ride in inclement weather, I didn’t crash, nothing out of the ordinary other than a few drops whenever I lost my balance. It was only my 5th day riding it, is this something on my end? Or is this a manufacturer error? If I thought there was something obvious tha
  3. I appreciate it guys, yeah it was more the PSI thing, I was told I should monitor the pressure of the tire as a suggestion, seems I don’t have the gauge I honestly didn’t know I needed one but that should do it.
  4. I think what caused my tubing to malfunction might have been me being new to this and not knowing how to put my tire at the right pressure, are there any tutorials on how to adjust that? There seems to be no videos on that topic anywhere that I can find, it might have caused my flat tire, thank you.
  5. Let me just preface this by saying that I JUST got this thing last week this is only my 5th day Riding it and now my tire is flat, there was no glass in this empty field and no nails that I could see, it’s daylight so I know I didn’t see any, just twigs but none sharp enough to puncture an EUC, I’m more concerned that this will keep happening I just bought this Inmotion V8 for $899 and I don’t wanna have to keep spending money on repairs I don’t know what else this could be and worse yet where to go to fix this, I just rode it all around the entire park and made huge progress and now it’s flat
  6. Got up to 20 seconds of glide today #progress 🔥💪💪💪 this is only my 3rd day feels good
  7. Love it! Just wanted to make sure. Update: a lot less wall-time for my day 2 today, I’m mounting a lot easier and the “Half Moon” exercise is getting me comfortable with balance. I’ll probably try it with the motor tomorrow, today was about the balance and mounting to feel a little natural, I’m pumped today I definitely noticed some more small progress and it’s addicting, in a good way I don’t even know how to stand on it for too long yet but I had so much fun just simply practicing it this morning after my overnight shift, imagine how much fun it’ll be when I am more pro.
  8. “New car” is what I meant to say but I also just got a new cat so oddly still applies.
  9. Today was really fun, if I thought I’d learn this in a week than I wouldn’t have spent $899 on one, I expect to have some growing pains and learning curve since I’ve never rode one, and I look at the process as being just as fun, that being said I feel like I’m too afraid of damaging the wheel itself, since I’m struggling with standing on it and balancing (while holding on to the fence) I find that I could have tried to balance off of the wall and pushed myself today but I kept being afraid of damaging the wheel, I think it’s because I just got it, and I saved up for it and the last thing I wa
  10. Thank you guys for the advice, FINALLY it went through on ewheels, making a paypal account made it easier, I did it! It’s on the way and I have the $899 Inmotion V8. Can’t wait, I also have all of my gear, the body armor with built-in elbow and shoulder pads, the knee pads and the wrist guards, and of course my big red Power Ranger helmet which looks like it can absorb any fall if it came to it, now I wait the hard part is over, thank you for your suggestions along the way, it made a huge difference in me getting this sooner and not having to wait until summer.
  11. Ewheels was my go-to for a while I was just about to buy one and the page crashed, they won’t let me pay via debit only PayPal and the PayPal link is weak and keeps crashing, is there an online store where I can use a card, I don’t know any other websites to buy these, thank you a list of alternatives would be much appreciated.
  12. Yeah common sense is important for sure, I look forward to taking my time in empty fields and getting this down, I won’t be on the streets until I’ve practiced, maybe it’s just quarantine crazy of me to say but the experience of LEARNING to ride is also what it’s about for me and then the cherry on top for me is when I get good then the real fun begins, I think I’m gonna enjoy practicing riding as much as actual riding and it gives me something to look forward to until I can safely take vacations again, some people play video games but this will be my escape, even if it takes me a month I’m go
  13. Hello, thanks to amazing feedback from my last post I’ve decided on an electric Unicycle that’s for me and in my budget range now I need to figure out where to buy the protective gear so I can learn to ride this thing safely, any suggestions? And thank you.
  14. Thanks man, this is helpful because I was worried about the safety of an electric Unicycle that was under 1600, as long as it’s just as safe I’ll go for the V8, and I’m 164 pounds btw.
  15. Hello, I live in Manhattan and I’m interested in buying a used Inmotion Electric Unicycle so long as it’s in good condition, please PM me if you’re interested, saving up for the Sherman one will take me too long, and at least with the $600 stimulus I can afford to save $400 quickly, anything over $1,000 I can’t do, the ones I was interested in were roughly $1,600 I really want to get one in a couple of months and since it’s a used one I believe this is a fair compromise, I know by the time I can afford the 1,600 one it’ll be Spring/Summer, if anybody can make this deal with me I can have it by
  16. Hello, I’m interested in buying a used Inmotion Electric Unicycle, I’m probably capable of waiting and saving but if anybody wants to sell me one for $1,000 or under that would be a huge help, with the $600 stimulus that would only leave me to raise $400 or less, I know these things are normally worth $1600, but $1,000 will get it to me sooner because I’d have to save less, any takers? Please let me know, so long as it’s safe and in good condition. My email is patcorbett92@gmail.com
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