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  1. It wasn't too bad. There's a vid somewhere where a guy gets access to the tube by undoing one side of the wheel. I'll try that next time.
  2. I'll admit that the report referenced by @null of the Brussels Police confiscating the sherman spurred the inception of this thread. However, I got to nose around in the non FB link and there was a response of the police that I missed; the riders were behaving like morons and were stopped because of it. What troubles me is that they claim to have checked the website of LeaperKim and based upon that they confiscated it. The rollerbank is just to get an indication of the speed. So what is it then? Are they frustrated that they can't speedcheck the riders and so when they see ppl going
  3. We are allowed to tinker with it, because it hasn't passed any uniformity test to classify it's capabilities. But the day these things come with a rated power output or a velocity at x load number as determined by the dept. of transport, only then we're no longer allowed to change anything. In that sense, we're also indirectly responsible for the speed of the thing, even if we just ordered it online/bought it in a shop or.. built it ourselves. Firmware.. yes .. maybe there's a way to change the value of a temperature probe and make the firmware freak out. Or spoof the hallsensor feed
  4. No... that won't work. I need to get it into a sort of limp mode so that it's just crippled or something. Here's the thing, in my country we're allowed to use them on the road but they aren't allowed to go faster than 16mph I'd be absolutely fine with that if it weren't for the way they test the top speed: they put the wheel on a rollerbank which means the wheel is basically spinning free. My wheel would clock 50mph or around that --> that's an instant confiscation and an invitation to a courthouse at some date. So the means of determining the top speed of the wheel is flawed: n
  5. I need to be able to have my wheel cut off or stay at a determined speed --or better yet, put it into a kind of limp mode by ways of a mechanical switch. I cannot have it shut shut off and do nothing. H Has anyone heard of a way to do this ?
  6. Im about to do this. Only 200km and it seems the valve stem sheared off. Unlucky, I've always kept it between 20-25 psi.
  7. Here's why I fell, remember, things are still new to me. I came off a dirt trail and had to cross a wooden bridge. Where the bridge and the trail connect there is a 2 inch gully. I remember thinking: "Crap, I'm doing 15mph, that gully seems deep and how slippery is that bridge going to be?" Which means I was emptied of all confidence and immediately started to question my stance, point of attack, stopping power on potentially slippery boards and down I went when I hit the gully. I went down because I doubted myself and stiffened up completely. I got up, went back and attacked th
  8. Nice overview of your experience. I only have about 60 miles on my sherman. It's my first wheel and I'm still learning. Went on a trail yesterday and fell off the thing. Sherman took no damage. I'm constantly playing with pedal angle and the modes. I was on Hard for a while, it seems to offer more control while cornering but at the expensive of more exaggerated input with my foot to keep speed. Just now I went back to soft mode (I started out learning on soft) for a ride on pavement. It's more.. fluent.. Braking also seems to work better, it's like the wheel buffers some of the stopp
  9. That helped me too, get the second foot on there and commit to locomotion. I think it's a combination of desperation and ambition I have now have a Sherman. Awesome thing, fat tyre and some psi tweaking and I've been out every day getting better. Now I'm taking on more speed and trying to corner at that increased velocity. Fun hobby, reminds me of my motorcycle years,...and skiing..
  10. Thanks for the feedback, people! @null: Yes, the pads are quite hard and I feel like leaving them off would've almost been better Today I had a click moment where I had my dominant foot on the machine, at standstill, and then I "just" placed my second foot onto the pedals while pushing down slightly with the toes of my dominant foot and I rode off without drama... Now trying to furiously reproduce that
  11. I've started learning on a Ninebot One E+ but.. I find it difficult to mount the thing with one foot, It's flimsy. I am over 6.1 feet and 220 lbs and the wheel seems like a toy. The grip on the pedals can't hold me, I can get on it 3 out of 5 times with one foot but the other times my foot slides off while I have much more force to give. Is this normal or should I put sandpaper/skateboard tape on the pedals for grip? Riding once I'm on it is no problem.
  12. So that chip talks something something serial to the motherboard where normally the HC05 module is located and kicks off a flash. Is there no way to flash new firmware with a standard USB->Serial (RX/TX/5V/GND) ?
  13. Link is working now. Ultimately I would like to cast the pads in some rubber. I'm also toying with the idea of laser cutting them from 1 cm thick foam ( like those children's tiled play mats)and then glueing the layers.
  14. I'm working on making my own pads, printing them on an ender 5+ in soft filament. Although the hard filament seems to work too, that's what I have now; I just add some soft padding. I haven't seen a lot of 3d printed pads so I thought I would share my ongoing design. You can find them here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4712549
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