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  1. Your app looks great really @Seba! Any plans for an iOS release? I'd happily pay...
  2. I’m totally buying this. Good lookin’ out!
  3. I just wanted to take a second to recognize my man, @tumbla.jrfor a sweet purchase of his (former and my current) MSP. The dude was 100% on-point through the entire process, the wheel appears to have been babied. He took the time to actually speak on the telephone like cave-dudes, answered texts, packed it up like a pro and shipped with haste - you name it, the bro is a class act all around. Thanks a million, mate. I look forward to tearing it up with you on one of those monthly rides you mentioned! Also a HUGE thanks to @RagingGrandpafor pointing me toward the deal and answering my initi
  4. What about something like this fireproof cabinet? It doesn't solve the venting to the exterior issue, but it looks like it'd give some time to gather your wits before your house goes up in flames. It is "vented", so with a little bit of engineering one might be able to vent to the outside.
  5. Aaw shit! I'm an idiot. I didn't realize that I needed to set the parameters in the app to get it to read correctly - including voltage and amp hours. Durp. It's reading fine now - 100.8v as expected. Thanks again @Tawpie.
  6. Right on, thanks again. I really appreciate it. I'm sitting here next to it staring at like I'm expecting it to do tricks or something. I can wait though...
  7. Any danger powering the unit on while it's plugged in?
  8. I appreciate your advice. What should the voltage be at full charge? I'm gathering that you can't trust the battery levels in the apps, so I best get used to doing the voltage conversion in my head, is that right?
  9. According to the app, the battery is at 100% and the voltage is steady at 66.86...
  10. I just received my very first EUC, a used MSP, and I'm STOKED. Given the recent shenanigans about the state of Gotway batteries (especially the MSP?), I was advised that I ought to verify the wattage upon receipt and I just wanted to check with the braintrust here to be sure that my wheel is up to spec. Using DarknessBot on iOS, with the wheel powered on, the wattage is bouncing around between 87 (though sometimes a little bit lower) and 100 (though sometimes up to 114). All good or evacuate the building?!?
  11. The MSP Torque was actually my first choice, but I had the same issue finding new stock with any kind of a warranty. I've never considered going to aliexpress, though, so I guess I kneecapped my search. Any thoughts about where I might pick one up would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Believe me, I thunk the thought. If I could find one anywhere with any kind of a warranty like eWheels offers, I'd jump on it. Maybe I'm behind the times, but throwing $1500 at "green and fashion travaling" shop on aliexpress seems foolish. Am I wrong?
  13. Wow, I have a deposit down on a RS 19 HT that's scheduled ship in the next couple of days. This thread (among others) has me seriously second guessing that decision. I didn't go with the V11 because the tech hasn't had time to mature enough to warrant dumping my hard-earned cash into it. It really sounds like the same thing applies to these new hollow bore motors, be it in the V11 or the RS. Back to the drawing board I guess, and by drawing board I mean, trying to convince The Boss (wife) that I need to spend $2800 on a Sherman. Many thanks to everyone who's weighed in on this. It sounds like
  14. I appreciate the guidance. I think I'm going to stick with the RS 19 - noob-scratches be damned... Nothing's a better trainer than the actual thing, I reckon.
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