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  1. I would opt for hoverboard 360 or leray. They're local, so you have a better shot at good service if something goes wrong.
  2. I opted for someone local. We're trying to polish up our forum to make it more inviting, so thanks for your patience!
  3. Hunter has a list of great tutorials regarding maintenance and balance sensors in this thread. http://hoverboardtalk.com/threads/my-collection.19/#post-89
  4. Is anyone else having problems ordering from China? I took a leap of faith, and was let down miserably.
  5. I would run it until it dies, then recharge. http://hoverboardtalk.com/threads/hoverboard-battery-life.3/
  6. Huge!! That's literally the exact model I got from China. Their prices are pretty fair, so they most likely drop-ship directly from them.
  7. Most of the horror stories are due to faulty batteries, and now they're evidently using fake Samsung batteries. I haven't received mine yet, but when I do I'll let you know for sure!
  8. Thanks a lot, guys. Any ideas are welcome.
  9. I'm kind of a forum noob. I'm learning, though. lol
  10. That's funny lol. The models with cheap batteries are the problem. Be sure you buy it with a Samsung batttery, and all suggestions are welcome!
  11. I couldn't find any hoverboard forums, so I created my own. I know hoverboards are kind of frowned upon here, so if you're looking to discuss them, try this place. www.hoverboardtalk.com
  12. Too late. I even started my own forum. www.hoverboardtalk.com
  13. Hey gang, What is the best model for heavy weight? I weigh in at 250 and plan to use mine on some inclines, so I'm curious as to what models are best.
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