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  1. Still available. Will include ewheels rapid charger too ($150)
  2. Thanks for the reply! I figured out that around 40C the fan will "pulse" and over that, it usually runs all the time. One of those things you notice with a new wheel and now I don't even pay attention to it!
  3. In one of Duf's videos, he mentions that Tesla recommends letting the battery of the car cool before charging. Do most people let their battery on their EUC cool before they charge it or do they get done with a ride and just plug it in? Does anyone think it makes a difference? I usually wait a couple of hours to charge, but want to know if I can just go ahead and plug in the wheel after a ride.
  4. Can do the Ewheels shipping if buyer will split shipping with me.
  5. Purchased December 2018 from Ewheels.
  6. Some scratches here and there. 365 miles. Bought from ewheels in December 2018. This is version 1 without the handle cut-off. Comes with original charger and original pedals. Larger pedals installed which to me are more comfortable. Pedals have new grip tape installed. $900 obo. I still have the original box too.
  7. Zero regrets. Once I saw someone ride one on youtube, I knew I had to have one. The challenge is what makes it the most fun. I purchased a used Ninebot One E+ and rode (and crashed) the heck out of it. There a different schools of thought about the first wheel. Some say buy the best you can afford, others say buy a beater. I bought a beater, and don't regret it. Was fun to learn on the Ninebot, since it is so low to the ground and is built like a small tank. I have since added multiple wheels to my collection and I enjoy every one of them. Welcome to the addiction!
  8. i just purchased a 1600 wh MSX and was wondering about the fan. I rode it today and when I was finished, the fan was "pulsing". It would start and then stop, start and then stop. It sounded normal when it was running, but I thought this was an unusual behavior. Is this normal? Also, does anyone know at what temp the fan starts? Thanks.
  9. Found one! Thank you for everyones help. Can the moderators close this? And also, allow me to private message?
  10. Treatz, 4000 milles seems like a lot! Thanks for the offer, but would like one with a little less miles. Arbolest, thank you. I will contact him tomorrow. Wakk0, how much are you looking for the MSX 100v?
  11. I saw the one in Australia recently listed. I would love to find one in that condition, in the US. Thanks.
  12. To clarify, the wheel was new. I had to unlock it with the 5 button presses. Tags and stickers still on the wheel. Everything else was included, including the side pads. It is like he opened the box, took the charger out, then tried to sell the wheel as new. When I asked about it, he said the charger was "probably an option". Don't know what to do. Will cost me just as much to send back as a new charger would cost. BTW, wheel came from FL
  13. I received a "new" gotway MSuper Pro on ebay. There was no charger included. After receiving the wheel, I contacted the seller and he stated that was how the wheel came. Did gotway send out wheels without chargers? I feel like he should have stated this in the listing, if it wasn't included. Thanks for the responses.
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