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  1. Thats because matt dilley has been trying to ruin my reputation in order to help his friend that owns alpha beta Hes sly dog I had a financial problem that caused a DELAY and matt is doing his best to make me out to look like a criminal to benefit his friend I stil sell euc and i still do the best prices Some models im selling for $800 usd LESS than kingsong europe Thats why im a threat to alpha and thats why matt dilley is trying his best to ruin my reputation. The piece of shit is a sly dog! For those of you that would like a great deal on an euc and want to support the guy that opened the way for euc in Australia by meeting with the ACCC and stopping them from banning euc in Australia all together you can find me on facebook at OZeWHEEL Thank you Dale Walker
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsong/permalink/1417641941645175/ Heres a link to show you how to change the language if your new app is in chinese
  3. Trying to have some fun, if you dont want to join in then dont but dont be the wanker
  4. I need to use this forum more often lol could have helped out. Just got made moderator in the kingsong facebook group and was one of the 1st to get this app so if anyone has any questions that need a more immediate answer try me there and ill do my best to help
  5. Lets hear what excuse you would give the police if caught in this situation lol Ill start with "the ks18s was so fast my clothes blew off and i was trying to catch and cover my penis because it was flapping about.. wasnt having a wank.. im an upstanding citizen.. honest.. ask me mum"
  6. Lets hear what excuse you would give the police if caught in this situation lol Ill start with "the ks18s was so fast my clothes blew off and i was trying to catch and cover my penis because it was flapping about.. wasnt having a wank.. im an upstanding citizen.. honest.. ask me mum"
  7. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/naked-german-man-arrested-masturbating-riding-electric-unicycle-pattaya/
  8. You train them by practicing in a controled invironment at lower speeds. You can run on grass and practice dive rolls tucking your head so you dont break your neck. I recommend attending a few lessons of gymnastics in an adult learners class. Its fun and you learn good skills that can save you from getting hurt when falling in a similar way from an euc
  9. Most of us ride every day and dont want to gear up for every ride. Yiu can avoid crashes almost completely if you chose the right brand. Euc crashes should be once in a while not every day. Light padding is good enough unless your riding like a fool Or your a risk taker and are riding gotway lol
  10. Here is a good video i found showing how to fall. Judo and gymnastics are also great for learning how to fall
  11. Alexander segmuler (sorry alex i dont know how to spell your last name) did it a few years ago. I almost got into NICA (national Institute of circus arts) wich is the same as where damien is taught only its the Australian version but they wanted me to do more training and audition again the next year because i had only done about 50 hours training all up and my hand stands were crap. Otherwise id be doing that trick too lol Did the best standing backsault i have ever done that day tho lol A few of my friends went to nica so i spent a bit of time there myself. This is why i didnt think damiens entry to last year's competition was fair because i know better than most about the advantage damien has over most of us and he won with a professional video and gladly accepted the prize and 2nd place was a 12yo filmed with a mobile phone on an airwheel. The kid should have got the prize. Well.. reny had the best tricks and it was a trick competition so reny should have won really but unfortunately the "trick competition" was judged on wow factor or cute factor rather than the actual tricks
  12. Not the same. Your not going down in those crashes and are moving alot faster. You want to slide when coming off a motorcycle. My point was when falling DOWN you put your limbs out to stop your head hitting the ground and without enough friction its going to come down to strength alone to overcome the force caused by your momentum. Yeah its all good if you can hold your head up while sliding but if your going down and your hands slide and you don't have the strength in your arms to hold it your hands are just going to slide out the way so your head gets a nice clean smack on the ground. Then there is the other issue where some peoples fingers roll under the slide plates and become the slide plates taring the shit outa there fingers. I think the best way to protect your hands is wirh some leather riding gloves because all you need to do is stop abrasions
  13. If you fall hard enough and your hands slide your probably gona smash your head into the ground. A triangle is the strongest shape and when you fall you initially put your hands out on front to break your fall making a triangle between your body, your arms and the road, this keeps your head elevated while your landing. This triangle relys on friction. Without the friction this triangle is weak and can collapse resulting in an actual "face plant". Thats my view on it Hope it makes sense lol
  14. Thank god reny is keeping that poor gardner in a job ;-)
  15. He is a circus performer and trains all day doing tricks and learning things like how to perform and make good promotional material. Sidestreet reny does better tricks, just isnt trained in performance and how to make flashy promos. When it comes to tricks reny is the best hands down. Damien is also highly skilled obviously but his professionally trained and puts ALOT of hours into practice. I can do most these tricks and i dont even try them often let alone practice :-p
  16. Is this even a serious post? Lol Of course it can be done. Im just gona have some fun with this and say i dont think ice skaters can do it lol
  17. Without the skid plate you may as well have something comfortable that protects your fingers also. This is what i have, with finger mod for using my phone lol Wont let me upload the pic for some reason
  18. Ill pass on that. I think a full face helmet is excessive except for in certain conditions. I didnt wear a full face on my bmx and had far worse crashes than i would on an euc. Not saying people shouldn't use them.. When it comes to safety people should use what ever they feel is sufficient. I prefer the visibility of an open face, can check blind spots alot faster and doesnt give the impression they are like a motorcycle wich may leed to governments making us pay for registration and have licenses
  19. I have to disagree on this one. When you put your hands out to stop your fall you dont want them to slide
  20. Same here. The only ks cut out i know of from the D and S series was my own ks14d My fault tho. Was the day after i smashed my wheel into a pole at 30km/h showing off riding backwards. Considering it was solid until then and it turned out my inner casing was in about 12 pieces (i taped it lol) im going to say im fairly confident that was my fault I tell everyone to get kingsong for a reason and its got nothing to do with anything that may benifit me and everything to do with my faith in them more than any of the other wheels i have sold as a safe reliable wheel
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