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  1. I think the turn it around and ride it with the headlight toward the back and see if it still pulls to the right. Since there is no real issue with riding it that way its pretty much same thing. That would tell you if its a stance or wheel issue for sure.
  2. I have the V11 and run and I went with the armored motorcycle jacket option to make getting ready easier. I have the Leate knee pads and those things have taken some hard falls and really proved their worth. For helmet I went with downhill mountain bike, because it was super lite and full face. I bought some $20 Bluetooth ear speakers for the helmet and one set of googles for daytime, and clear googles for night. Mounted a cheap torch on the top of the helmet. I always ride with my wrist guards and helmet, and vary equipment like knee pads and jacket depending on my intended top speeds.
  3. I know for me, that when I started to carve it became way more fun to ride my EUC. And ear buds inside my helmet put music there was fun to carve too. I have the galaxy ear buds that can be set to let you hear ambient sounds around you, which I feel is safer. As you get better, you can ditch some of the protective gear like elbow pads or knee pads when you know your not working on a new skill and only going under 20 kph for a trip. Now its also fun to take our trash on my EUC its about 200 meters between my apartment and the dumpster. Walking my dog on the EUC another fun thing we just st
  4. I did find something in my research I've not thought about, there are at least a few models that are pull instead of push, which would be more stable at speed since they have 4 wheels instead of the normal 3. And we can leave children out of this anyway, since I was planning on using the stroller for carry of equipment and or groceries etc not human cargo.
  5. Looking at the highest speeds possible when pushing a jogger stroller with current EUC's on the market. What is the recommended highest speed, and at what speed does it become uncontrollable? I think a jogger without an EUC might be able to push at 15-20 km/h, just an estimate. Please limit comments to speed only, safety would be covered with helmets and car seat toughness of cargo etc, which is outside of the scope of this question. This would be for carry of equipment or groceries in the stroller and not human cargo of course.
  6. I've been riding a month and 1/2 so far, and I'm 58 now. Going forward no worries and carving lots of fun, going backwards right now is super tough. I don't know balance has faded over the years that much. What has is recovery after breaking muscles down I get really sore and its sloooow to get back to normal. I have rode my EUC every day with the exception of one day since I got it in Jan. And really sore core and back and lower leg and feet for most days. The positive is that I'm having fun riding and I don't feel the real aches and pains till I am trying to do normal tasks after riding
  7. I am looking at these since they are on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Green-Fashion-Honeycomb-Adjustable-High-Density/dp/B08LPTRGXH/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Gotway&qid=1612918678&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-4 But I would like to see or hear from someone who has tried them out.
  8. I am just now starting to have almost no foot pain but I've been riding now since first of Jan every day so about a month. The key for me has been to get my feet more relaxed and when I go up hill to bend knees instead of just push down with my feet. Also carving helps so much with foot pain starting or when I start to feel it. Just slow down a little shift weight from foot to foot, plus its fun to just weave a bit when riding. Its really helped with range and enjoyment to not have the aggravating foot pain make where you have to stop and get off and walk or sit down. I used to get so wor
  9. My tire pressure was very low for my first 50km of practice. I pumped it up today to 35lb and thought I had to go back to square one. It was so squirrely at that pressure, I went to 28lb and its much better. I still need to back track and get better at slow speed wobbles, before I feel after as confident as I was with the lower pressures.
  10. I have had just 3 day's of EUC riding as my V11 is my first. Yesterday was the first day I could really mount without supports. I can't ride with one foot yet, but I get a bit farther with my hops and glide. So now to mount I'm hop maybe two or three times forward then step up. This is working for level ground and slight downhill. I still can't mount like this for uphill. I found if I keep my back strait and knee tucked those are the keys for me personally to a good mount. Since this is my fist wheel, I am wondering if its that much easier with a lower pedal height or not.
  11. Yes I've been doing both of those practice tests. I can now do the scoot forward and mount thing pretty well. Only exception is for an uphill start I can't get that right yet, level and downhill works every time. The back straight I think was key for getting forward motion going constantly for mount and take off. I am also finding I don't really have a dominate leg, both mounting with left foot or right are pretty much same results. Yesterday I notice also my slow turns are getting much more controlled and sharper. I still have my top speed set at 25km/h and hit that quite often now.
  12. I am in the same boat with the V11 being my first EUC. I have had it for a few day's now, and going in laps around my parking lot I hit the wobble at around 12-15mph. But its not horrible and I can just shift my feet a little and it seems better. As a new rider my legs get worn out quickly and after 15-20 min of riding I need to stop and rest a couple of hours. I still can't mount without a support, however on day 2 I was able to dismount without having to grab the wheel with my hand. And I am really having fun with the wheel so far, and slow riding is all I have really done so far. When
  13. I have the Inmotion V11 just got it last Saturday. So just learning to ride it around our parking area. https://www.facebook.com/826945838/videos/pcb.10159793311265839/10159793308915839
  14. I just hope the Segway can go fast enough with my g/f riding to make it where we can ride together if only for short distances. There are not other E-Riders around that we know of, and the learning curve for the Segway was like 5 min for her to learn. Maybe if she likes it alot and my EUC is cool enough she will want to learn to ride it also.
  15. I bought the Segway Ninebot for the g/f this past Xmas, and after riding it and the slow speed and tiltback, decided I really wanted something faster and with less restrictions. Ordered a V11 and watching tracking numbers now. I really hope it scratches the itch to go faster and jump a curb or two.
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