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  1. @wakk0 You sure are a teaser!! I could have arrange someone to handle the shipping from Chicago to Cali. My daughter would have love to finally be able to go faster than 13.5 MPH on Ninebot E+!!
  2. I'm still looking. Please PM me if you have one for sale and are in California.
  3. Fair price, but dame, that wheel has seen the world!!
  4. I'm sure many will offer you "Good" advice on this board. But, if you are looking for "God" advice, you may want to head to your local church.
  5. I'm looking to buy another EUC for my daughter. Since she is on the smaller side, weight is important. No more than 38#, or I will end up lifting the wheel for her all the time. A quick search shows In-Motion V8, V8F or King Song 16S fits the bill. Prefer local sales only. I'm willing to drive to most area in CA, or nearby states. PM me if you have something.
  6. There is no way I'm giving you $17k for a EUC.
  7. I love that example. Locking mobility device because it moves across boarder!! Knowing how Chinese company works, I wouldn't be surprised KS will simply start supplying their Chinese Ali seller with international version of the same wheel.
  8. In term of safety, I can vouch Ninebot ahead of Onewheel. I learned on E+ and did push when I get the tilt back (shame on me ). But, E+ responded by tilting further back and slow the wheel to a walking speed. In comparison, Onewheel nose dived after the first push back....
  9. I'm using Ninebot One E+ and I'm 260lb. So, it does work.
  10. @/Dev/Null These are merely suggestions. You don't need to follow any of them if you accept the risk of your house burning down. Life is not about making the right choices. It is about living with the consequences of your choices.
  11. Since my previous hobby has been using Lipo batteries for more than 17 years, here are few tips I can share on what we do to remediate the danger. Only charge Lithium batteries on fire-proof surface. Concrete or brick will work great Keep all combustable material at least 3 meters away Only charge outdoor or semi outdoor under an awning. But make sure it is under a shad and away from rain. Regular fire extinguisher doesn't do much to lithium fire, a bag of sand will work better on slowing the burn. While fire extinguisher can help with burning material near the ba
  12. Thanks @null Since the wheel it self does not have GPS, has any one tried the VPN and fake geo-location method mentioned in this thread? With Android, both are relatively easy hack.
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