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  1. Thank you. I have returned it and with a view to buy a Ninebot S pro on the new year. In the mean time, I have the Xiaomi Pro 2 model and to be frank, it isn't bad and feels smooth. https://photos.app.goo.gl/eSV7fPdXuMcC4aHf6
  2. Thank you. I think I may end up taking it back to the store and pick up the Xiaomi Pro 2 scooter instead. The batteries for the Ninebot E+ are crazy expensive. I paid 2.4k SAR which is about 500 British pounds for the elite e+ and the batteries I have seen are between 500 - 1k. Mostly they are out of stock. Yikes.
  3. So what's happened? Did OP returned his Elite E+? I'm in the same boat and I have until Thursday to seek a refund. Can't find battery or charger for it. 🤷🏿‍♀️
  4. Guys, I have a Ninebot e+. I am struggling to find a charger. Anyone have a spare one they want to sell or anyone know where I can buy one? Please help.
  5. Hello there, good day whatever part of the world you are in. I recently bought a Ninebot Elite E+ PTR that was an ex-display. It come with the box, manuals, 2 keyfobs and some LED circuit-board type thing. The only thing missing is the charger and this was mentioned. I opted to take the risk and bought it anyway. After doing a bit of reading and contacting a few people, I was advised to check the battery and so I did. Using a multimeter, it shows 12.63 volts in one block and 8.31 volts on the other block. I am told that the battery is dead as they should be at least 50 volts on ea
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