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  1. I always carry both 5A chargers, the J1772 adapter, an extension, and a 1.4 kg foldable high chair to recharge the rider as well. Bought a trek bag with hip support 🤣 It's actually not bad! I've done a few 1, 2 and 3 charge rides this summer. My best one was around Lac St-Jean, 245 km. On the Véloroute des bleuets (blueberries, common in that region of Quebec).
  2. One thing that I'm really impressed with on the Abrams is the 15A charging capability, officially stated by LeaperKim. I love long distance road-trips on my Sherman. On the road (like at home) I always charge at 10A, which is the recommended max by LeaperKim. I know some people charge at 13A, but I prefer to be extra careful with my V1. It's my baby. A full charge on the road takes me 2h 45m to reach 99.5V. I never balance on a charge stop, only at the end of the ride. Would take forever, and it's not necessary. I calculated that at 2700 Wh / 15A, that same full charge to 99.5V
  3. Really like that they thought about a "faulty hall sensor mode". Had an "E HALL" error on my Sherman which resulted in random cutouts, before the motor was changed. Wonder how many cutouts are due to this, on wheels without a display that can show an error code 😉 Anyways, it's a really great touch. Seems like they're putting a lot of thought even in the software!
  4. A few days after snowfall, the roads are dry. More fun to just go out and ride the concrete slopes than packing the ski gear in the car, driving an hour to the hills, looking for parking for half an hour, getting in the lineup for the chairlift, and going down the hill a few times while avoiding those crazy snowboards. Oh, and driving back only to find your parking hole in the snow taken by someone else. Looking for parking, again.
  5. As a fellow Canadian I enjoy a good snowstorm (the sound of it, so nice!), but -33C is just nuts. C'est inhumain! Unless you're training to go to Mars, of course. We'll need EUCs there also! // About the S20, I don't use my S18 in winter. Not sure about getting dirty slush inside the suspension columns. It's steel after all. And all those exposed screws. I prefer to use the Nik+ for the cold season. It's a warm wheel, so it should lose a bit less range than the exposed batteries of the S18. I probably won't use my S20 in the snow either.
  6. Yes it's fun to ride in winter. I'm in Montréal and I was out on my Nik+ every day in January and February when the temperature was above -10C and the roads were dry (most bike paths are covered in snow and ice). Some friends with studded tires would even go riding on the frozen St-Laurence River (near the shore). When getting back home, I would usually wait an hour to let the wheel warm up before charging it. No problem at all doing this, you just get about 20% less range. I dress like I'm going downhill skiing and I have a blast! Fresh falling snow and Nylonove pedals go very wel
  7. When people ask me this question, I often say this: riding an EUC is like downhill skiing, whereas riding a bicycle is more alike cross-country. It's nowhere near as cardio, but your legs, hips and core get a solid workout from all that standing, carving and stabilizing over bumps and other road imperfections. It gets even more strenuous when off-roading, going faster, learning a new skill or doing a long distance ride.
  8. How about the KingSong 14D (or 14S for more range)? 30 km/h max, so safe up to 25, pretty light at 30/34 lbs, excellent trolley handle, very water resistant. They're really fun to use, even after a ride on my Sherman. Perfect commuter for smaller distances (i. e. going to the store).
  9. @SebaI think I've seen it requested before elsewhere, but it would be nice to be able to join separate trip entries (for same day, same wheel, no other trips on other wheels in between). Occasionally when I stop to recharge I notice that EUC World is no longer running on my phone. When I start it again, it starts a new trip. A bit frustrating on those very long rides, especially when trying to break my own record. I think it has more to do with the phone and Android itself though.
  10. Just like it's safer to ride at 30 mph on the Sherman vs the 16X, because you're so far from the maximum threshold, and your ultrabook computer also runs cooler at slower CPU speeds... Running a wheel with higher grade components, which have a much higher performance threshold, will run cooler at the same given speed than with cheaper, lower performance components. An example is the first version of the Nikola, whose controller blew during Marty's Overheat Hill test. Gotway upgraded the assembly method but also the mosfets so they could handle higher currents without overheating. T
  11. Really liking the Charging Control functionality @Seba, very cool. I can even get out of Bluetooth range from the wheel and when I get close again it reconnects fine without showing any problems. You obviously tested for that. Can I suggest two updates? 1) A countdown timer, so that when you get back home you turn the wheel off, connect it to the charger (which is also off at the HS110 switch), and hit charge. After the set delay, it will start charging automatically. This would allow for some rest for the batteries between discharging and charging, automatically. And 2), how about
  12. Ugliest? Most badass for sure! Yeah, even Kuji was struggling to control it in his videos... NOT!
  13. @Seba Could you add a setting for a "clear theme"? The main screen font is pretty visible, but I find it hard to change some of the settings when I'm using the app outside on a sunny day. I've started using the alarms to set a max speed at 32 km/h or 40 km/h, depending on the bike path I'm using. This is hard to do currently while outside, since the speed is either dark green on black when it's displayed, or dark grey on black when changing it. My ideal case would be to have the speed setting displayed with a very light grey on black, or a global option to have black fonts on a clear
  14. I'm partial to a viking war chant myself 😁
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