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  1. Just like it's safer to ride at 30 mph on the Sherman vs the 16X, because you're so far from the maximum threshold, and your ultrabook computer also runs cooler at slower CPU speeds... Running a wheel with higher grade components, which have a much higher performance threshold, will run cooler at the same given speed than with cheaper, lower performance components. An example is the first version of the Nikola, whose controller blew during Marty's Overheat Hill test. Gotway upgraded the assembly method but also the mosfets so they could handle higher currents without overheating. T
  2. Really liking the Charging Control functionality @Seba, very cool. I can even get out of Bluetooth range from the wheel and when I get close again it reconnects fine without showing any problems. You obviously tested for that. Can I suggest two updates? 1) A countdown timer, so that when you get back home you turn the wheel off, connect it to the charger (which is also off at the HS110 switch), and hit charge. After the set delay, it will start charging automatically. This would allow for some rest for the batteries between discharging and charging, automatically. And 2), how about
  3. Ugliest? Most badass for sure! Yeah, even Kuji was struggling to control it in his videos... NOT!
  4. @Seba Could you add a setting for a "clear theme"? The main screen font is pretty visible, but I find it hard to change some of the settings when I'm using the app outside on a sunny day. I've started using the alarms to set a max speed at 32 km/h or 40 km/h, depending on the bike path I'm using. This is hard to do currently while outside, since the speed is either dark green on black when it's displayed, or dark grey on black when changing it. My ideal case would be to have the speed setting displayed with a very light grey on black, or a global option to have black fonts on a clear
  5. I'm partial to a viking war chant myself 😁
  6. https://youtu.be/cJunCsrhJjg
  7. Agree with most of your post, except I don't think it's fair to equivocate between Gotway and Veteran 😁 The Sherman is a more refined product that shows that its designers have put a lot more thought into its conception than any Gotway: * Cooling: The waterproof air flow chamber underneath the controller, linked by the heatsink * Alarm: The beeper is attached on top of the case, pointing up so it's easier to be heard by the rider (duh GW!) * Power: 10 parallel lines of power must have seem like such a waste to Gotway people when they first heard about it, but it's what gives the She
  8. Looking good, love that "Nasa" inscription! I'm expecting mine over the next few days. Did you order from eWheels? If so, both our wheels were probably on the same container.
  9. Just got a TP-Link HS110 and EUC World Premium to go with it. Trying it out for the first time. Pretty excited about it, actually. Could not wait til tomorrow, so it's going to be a late night charging the Sherman. @Seba Please be assured that the opinion of the creator of this thread does not represent anyone but themselves. Your app is a godsend, and I really appreciated your taking time off your riding (and kids, wife?) to keep adding useful functionality to it. They must have had a real bad day to post such nonsense, never mind taking the time to create a new thread - hoping that anyo
  10. Congrats on your V10F purchase. That's what I learned on, it's a good wheel. I also like to deal with eWheels in the US, as they usually have the latest models and are very active in the community and with the vendors. I had ordered an Mten3 from them (the new Stealth Black edition with larger pedals), but cancelled my order as it was on the container that caught fire in January. Wanted a small, fun wheel for developping my technique further. Replaced it with a King Song 14D, which is a really nice zippy wheel. Much easier to learn tricks like backwards riding on it. But for more mat
  11. SmartWheel Canada is done with the repairs, just got back my wheel today. Their service is pretty good: I didn't have to pay for shipping it back to them, just for shipping it back to me. And they kept me updated of the progress of the repairs. What was done was exactly what I reported to them: new motor (to fix the hall sensor issue), which included a new rim to fix that problem. And the firmware was upgraded from 4.29 to 4.32 (1.0.56). Just went for a 50 km ride to try it out, and it's like a brand-new wheel. Very happy!
  12. Absolutely. The reason I bought the Sherman was never to ride it at 50 mph. Yes, apparantly there are some speed freaks and riders who like to push the enveloppe and ride the beeps (and not only in NYC), but that's not me. Safety was my top concern. I like to ride comfortably between 25-30 mph, all the while knowing that even at that speed I can safely lean forward anytime to go faster since I'm far from the top speed. I feel much safer doing that on a wheel that can go 40 or 50 mph, compared to riding at 28 mph on a 30 mph wheel. The Sherman never beeps at me, all the way down to 15%, an
  13. Saw that a while back, yes. The Sherman is a damn reliable machine, as your original message stated. It's able to provide a lot of power mostly because it has 10 parallel packs supplying it (24s10p). My Nikola+ 100V, which can go 65 km/h, has 4 packs (24s4p). And they obviously thought about a lot of small details like the placement of vents in a separate chamber under the controller board, the two linked only by a heatsink. Just brilliant! This is a refined product, not perfect but amazing as a 1st product from a brand new company. Amazing. I adore mine. You raised an excellent q
  14. Only one wheel? LOL I had the same thinking at the beginning. Now I have 4 😉 I've only gotten into EUCs in September, so I remember my training days well. I picked the V10F as my first wheel, as it seemed an excellent commuter and well built (which is true). But after only a few weeks of riding, after seeing Kuji's video of the Sherman, I bought it. I've now ridden more than 6000 km on all my wheels, the bulk of it on the Sherman. I can think of a few reasons why learning on a Sherman is doable, but far from ideal: Weight It's no secret that this is a massive wheel. We
  15. Recently watched an old video by Chooch about the way he cleans his wheels in winter. He discusses how to prevent damage from the salt.
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