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  1. I did the swallow bot upgrade to my ninebot S. Then I upgraded the tires, got the scout frame and handle bars. After that it wouldn’t self balance so I tried anything we could think or or find online. Nothing worked. I deleted the nine bot deleted the app, reset everything, recalibrated everything. Went back to original tires frame and bar and still nothing. Now it’s pretty much unrideable because I never know when it will just drop. Is this due to the swallowbot upgrade I did. It use to work beautifully. I loved it. Now I hate it and think it’s out to kill me for sure can you help me or do
  2. I’m not sure if in the right place or if you can even help me. but I upgraded my ninebot S with off road tires and scout fender. After putting it on it will not stay self balanced. It is unrideable. I have tried everything and anything I could think of or find online. I’m will long to take any advice and try anything. Please helpp
  3. My ninebot s started beeping at me after my husband upgraded my tires and the “fenders” I like to call them but to the scout frame and new handle bars. It works just fine with him but when I get on it starts beeping and the self balancing shuts off. It moves back and forth. It’s like the handle bars start adjusting from upright to having to reach way out in front of me to even be in a non moving position. I’ve tried everything to fix the problem. Even put my old tires frame and handle bars back on. Any idea what’s going on or how to fix it?
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