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  1. I use a EF Dellta 1300 to solar charge my wheel works great.
  2. One wheels and EUCs is now illegal in New York is true.
  3. Stunning looking wheel i dont dare to go 22 so been Nice of a smaller one aswell. Rumors the sherman getting discontiued with this News but things evolve …
  4. Wrong way has a upcomming v12 unboxing the 15th...
  5. Lol to me it looks like the ips 5 lost bigger brother
  6. Well i did think lill of other wheels , but i ended up getting more drawn to the Z10 now n then. Just had to do a back to the future to Β«Get it out of my systemΒ» But again it also sparked the thoughts on whats next.... Z10 will do me well this summer ill have sum fun with it n Get used to a more heavy wheel.
  7. The lill S2 is more fun to carv n fast turn n dance with .... Z10 its a bull fight its one stubborn thing. Want to turn ... no i want to stay upright i wont lean in u got to work for it...
  8. First impression was omg its so heavy and it was so knife edged. i let sum air of the tire n it got better ,now it sticks like glue to the asphalt dont know whos InCharge me or the z10 as it wants to stay up right .... its takes a fight to turn. But its so stabile no wobbles or micro feet adjustments this just im the boss im going .... you just stay on top .... . N shut up...
  9. Cool modern wheel loads of usfull options the Screen seems a good step up vs the rest.
  10. Yeh i hope i will like it we will se . Its still on charge and i do se that it will take a good while to top it up. But if its not to late when its done ill go n try it out.
  11. Feelt im started to Get good hang of the S2 my gravel roads helps big time on getting the wheel feel going. Going back to asphalt its feels a dream. So ill try the Loved / hated Z10 i love the looks i been drawn to it... n resisted multiple times but ... i gave in πŸ˜„
  12. And it takes a charge pew... was my lill worry of reading all the doa in boxes. What a stunning looking wheel i had to Get one... Even if newer faster better n so is out this is a legend ...
  13. And the big moment will it take a charge ..... Oh yes..... πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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