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  1. Yeh ill se what ill end up with next , lill tempted of the sherman....
  2. Not the most exsiting News update but the «kick stand» did arrive and its mighty small.
  3. Since its Winter here im limited on practice time to weekends indoors in a gym so ill be patient. In Spring this will be more easy to Get more time on it outside. It is what it is...
  4. I got 2 ninebots one ES4 with front wheel drive and one G30 Max with rear wheel drive. Keep the ES4 at work if im i. Need to fast go to a shop for a lunsj than using my car. The G30max i keep at Home its not used to much but its rock solid n rear wheel drive. Its the pevs that more easy to Get into at the minus they most boring to use
  5. From speedy feet in Uk ... Ninebot pad bumper kit... Got this green turtle look going on now slow n stedy here i come.
  6. Yes i think all can learn it , but one cant exspect to jump on to one n thats it. It takes sum time to master but thats person to person how long one needs. Starting to grow on me.
  7. Progress Bern made got the gliding feel.... wow se why people love eucs its a unique feel. Got a long way still to go but ill stick to it it starting to be fun. Wont be able to do as much practice to next weekend but ill Get i a few mount dismount ones sessions daily .... good fun
  8. Day 3 added more air into the tire to Ninebot recomended specs. It made a massive diffrence on the roll feel n handling feel... i might try to lower it by 0.5 psi as it slight knife edged feel to it but so much more fun. Than saturday session.
  9. Well one thing i learned im glad i didnt go for a exspensive first wheel .... pat on the sholder.. The learning curve is Steep on this i se more n more had a good to day to start with giving up a moment of leg pain of all the dings into the leggs ... to add more padding to «soften» the inpacts n Get on it again... It gets a few Death spinns on the floor now n then.
  10. More learning to morr im not put off on euc but i got respect for the ones mastering the wheels.
  11. Big diffrence whe wheel dont slip n twists. Stepping off it. Pluss its feels one has more controll of the egg shape on it.
  12. Added sum of the baby protective foam on the sides to press the feets into n that seem to help. To keep it more stabile since its a rounded egg shape it feelt lill slippery on its sides support.
  13. Hmm it got its first scraches so im past that early part.... ahh well was exspected n the reason to Get a learning wheel
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