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  1. Think ill pass to day ,seems to clear up to morrow ill try to go out n maybe find a good spot then.
  2. Thanks ,Will be more pics n more rides, but atm looking outside it started to snow so its not been to easy to Get time on it. But spring is slowly comming this will melt away fast.
  3. Weather not been on my side but i got out now n then.
  4. My go to open parking if it rains. Loads of collums to close turn into.
  5. One has to have music it only makes it a better relaxing moment.
  6. I went fresh in early this year. Living in Skandinavia the weather wasnt on my side ,so was limited places to learn to ride. But found 2 places i keept at. Spring isnt here yet but its better and it will be fun to try it more out. Im preety confident on my but i tire out on the feets fast i think it due to i dont got to ride consistent it can be 1week/2weeks between im on it. To day its raining so thats stops that day. Wanted a wheel upgrade but i decided to wait to next year and decide on whats my needs are. So far i dont think its not going to be range n speed but more agile n
  7. I kinda like it at the first look i was wtf is this but looking more it grown on me already.
  8. Its been a up n down Winter on weather .... i got to ride a fair bit this weekend but its now back to snow n bad weather ill try to post a few pictures i been taking. Progress been great really enjoying it. ... Been only on closed places not in public walkways but great fun. Next EUC upgrade i decided will be next year vs this one .. ill practice more on this one first this season.
  9. I used my with no app from the Get go.
  10. Started to think if ill dare to try one z10 as my next wheel. Se the longer range beasts is exstream heavy to handle like tossing in the car... hmm but also the risk of the battery drain n charge risk on arrival...
  11. Was great fun to Get to finally try a diffrent place than what i by Winter forced to use. Feelt lovly n free. so much so i stopped at to more places going Home n ride more. no pics of that tho...
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