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  1. for me the noise is gone now for 300 miles
  2. contact them and ask. https://www.ewheels.com/returns-and-warranty/ i personally did open my wheel up, with the understanding that worst case scenario: the warranty did void.
  3. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378775320309186 Good read for comparison of the two batteries. My takeaways are: The 21700 are larger, meaning each cell has more of the same material that is used in the 18650. To address equivalency, they tested 4 cells in parallel of the 21700 ("4p"), with "6p" of the 18650. More material in each cell tho, means more heat generated means more heat dissipation required means potentially less waterproofing means eucs with 21700 packs may be less waterproof, while 18650 eucs COULD be designed to be more waterproof (less ventilation require
  4. first off, must say i have a huge appreciation for your work - the world renowned eucworld app! i hope i have the right person to thank for that? and i definitely agree about people needing to have some electrical knowledge before attempting mods, unless they dont mind damaging their euc or worst - themself. but if you are even a basic 1st year student of electrical engineering or master electrician, then you have the concepts of power (not just voltage current ohms law and power formula haha) to understand those battery values and their usage, regardless of how the manufacturer adv
  5. (just leaving an update for the data analyst types haha: after resolving the knocking sound, i did see an upgrade to my battery life. i was able to ride 52 miles at 20-28 mph in 33°F weather, at around 145lb-150lb. with 29 psi tire pressure, and it was done in triplets. like 3 rest points (but no charging) each rest about 5 minutes. i had about 14-21% by the time i got home. at 21% i could not go 25 mph anymore, as the the battery would start to drop immediately down to 15-14%. so i went around 15 mph and it managed to "return" back to 18-20%. i did that for about the last 4 miles, and got hom
  6. @Haligthe only way to know is to open the motor cover (which you will have to do to replace the bearing anyway). after you remove the motor cover, you can spin the bearing and see if you still hear this sound. but be careful opening the motor cover. make sure you dont insert anything too deep inside the motor to pry the cover off, as it will cut the wires of the coils possibly. but u will still have to pry the cover off little by little to get it off
  7. @Haligi think your bearings are perfectly fine, but you just need to open it up and clean the area, especially if some..."rope" got stuck in there..i DO NOT ride a V11, so i am really speculating. but this sound seems normal on dirty bearings. or if the grease inside has become too dry allowing more metal friction inside the bearing itself. either way, a good cleaning and lubrication should help. just my thoughts. i ride a hollow bore motor myself (RS), just not the V11...good luck to you!
  8. @Flying W man..the wheel rides so much smoother without that sound. im going to head out and do a 30-40 mile ride in a few minutes to see if my battery levels improve, because they really should. i was only able to do 30 miles previously with the intermittent sound in 30°F weather and i am only 145lbs. +10lbs w/gear i guess, and i had 25% battery. i thought that was pretty shitty. but i thought the cold weather was the main culprit. if i can reach 35 mile range in current temps, 29-31°F, with 35% battery left, then ill feel that the advertised specs are solid and ill be thrilled about my purch
  9. @buell47(from before: im inclined to say "water" LOL) @Simply_Strikingcompressed air, in a can or if you have an air compressor at home. and then follow up with a dip or a mild wipe with 99% isopropyl alcohol, then compressed air again. at least thats what i think.. could be wrong though, someone else can chime in as well.
  10. LOL shit you are absolutely right dude. ive had the euc for about a month now, and im still discovering my way around it. i got distracted while brainstorming i think and just made a huge error there. im glad you caught it! i think i developed tunnel vision in just thinking mechanically and began to to experiment (in my mind) in that area only. @buell47 you may say your english is not good (which i think is false), but i appreciate your brain!
  11. @Planemo my blood sugar was prolly low. my bad. lets move on though. yes, the knocking sound is SEPARATE from the bearing. if you hear any knocking/tocking noise, dont be fooled into thinking its bearing related. even if they are reputable sources. this is not to downplay their effort. just to stay on course with the truth of things. @Flying W i am working on the problem with @JirkaMak and he is making sufficient strides in his endeavor. once he has his fully working, which seems to be highly likely based on the progress he is making, we will both know for sure. i test rode mine today and
  12. this is the main thing. i have my way of achieving this, but there are other ways i found and so the goal is just this, with regard to that knocking sound, im cut and pasting from the PM. im going to sleep man, sorry for the drama: but in the end, just remember that the sound is coming from a misaligned motor (magnet and coils should not be touching), and if you put the cover on and hear the noise, you must remove it and reinstall it again (very gently by installing the screws BEFORE the cover is even fully seated...so you can use the screws to gently close the lid, while making s
  13. lol because when info is given too easily, people hear it, but theyre not really listening enough to apply it. especially if you are alone in your telling. but a secret, for some reason....and everyone is like. its not a secret really. it just sounds like bs in the face of something so well documented "all hollow motors have bearing issue." (which i disagree with, unless theres video proof to show the symptoms. after seeing the videos of others who shared their symptoms, i can tell now who may actually have a bearing issue and who has no chance in hell of it being a bearing issue, even though
  14. im too tired to defend my solution from naysayers is all. before, it was theoretical discussion, so it was like...lets hear everyone out and see what the general consensus is and why. then we can begin to gauge which ones seem probable. the trouble was that the majority seemed to rely more on the word of a big company or their trusted dealer, over their own sense, actually making things more complicated for themselves and others by propagating the same thing theyd tried (successful by chance or not), or worse - only heard. its become practical now, and i didnt sleep all night, even now lo
  15. @mike_bike_kitei was enjoying my little discovery, while wondering why everyone just believed it was the bearing "because even gotway said so." but even while reading older comments, it felt like a few of the folks online overall (not only here) were just lying and making shit up, and then normal ppl (who just wanna enjoy riding, and not worry so much about "clique-ish" culture), were getting victimized by actually spending more cash on top of this expensive purchase. i felt like the lone wolf in that aspect, as in why would i consistently be rejecting the bearing issue without reason? i didnt
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