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  1. Has KS shipped a new release (batch) of the S18? Are they still defeating the suspension with the big washer on the outside midpoint of the outer arm?
  2. Can't set up new account, reset password does not send email. Pixel 4a or Mac.
  3. Okay, this is amazing. I took Scottie888’s advice about hangs, and then went to an acupuncturist/ massage therapist who put cups on my back and told me to drop my shoulders. I was wondering if surgery was my only (dreaded) option. A week ago I was putting away dishes, and reaching outward while rolling my wrist from palm down to palm up. “POP!” Loud noise and pain that brought out a few words that I reserve for special occasions. I thought I’d really hurt myself. I contacted a PT, who suggested a surgeon/ orthopod. But the next day, I was better, and have been getting b
  4. I figure it will be good to triple digit speeds (kilometers/hour, of course). A little concerned about high speed wobble, though.
  5. He's reflecting his experience of the world he also creates, angry orange and yellow. Which is why men like you are so important. You change those colors — not for him, but for others tuned to a broader spectrum. Thank you for your courage in sharing this.
  6. I know it will depend on rider weight and shock setting, but what is the maximum travel of the S18 suspension? Even with the shock out.
  7. I am so sorry for your feeling of helplessness. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Some wounds never heal, and I admire the courage you bring by just showing up.
  8. Crepitus? In my case, it might be decrepitus. (smile) I think I have adhesions in that complex of tendons and muscle. The noise is from tearing them apart, and tht's why I'm better after the weight room. A nephrologist told me NSAIDS are prohibited for me. My kidneys are fine, so I don't know if that was related to worries about COVID and inflammation or what. I should revisit with him. Voltarin works well, as well as Rub535 from Canada, but I can't get there from here. I took the advice of Scottie888 and started some shoulder hangs, as well as a couple of exercises from your Silvers
  9. Your work is great. Can't wait...
  10. No plates or screws, bursa, & the muscles and ligaments that hold shoulder all together, and it might have made worse a creeping arthritis. I also was a boy caddy at my home town golf course when I was 12 to 14, sometimes carrying two of those hideously large bags that recreational golfers used back then on that shoulder. Shoulder wasn't great before I fell off my wheel, but much worse since and to this day I don't know if it was direct impact or if I tried to catch myself with my right arm and "sprung" it. Weight lifting does make it feel better, though it makes a lot of noise for t
  11. Have anything for a shoulder(EUC injury)? As to sciatica, I started midfoot strike or toe strike running. Regular running shoes were part of the problem, I now wear Vivo Barefoot shoes exclusively (Ultra 3). They take a little getting used to, but I only have sciatica now when I have to wear "grown-up" shoes.
  12. I admire what you are doing, here.
  13. It’s almost an axiom that you can’t create a vehicle that’s fast, light and affordable, but can pick two out of three. Riders of EUC’s have mostly chosen fast and affordable. But what if we chose fast and light, instead …? Assuming current technology, it doesn’t seem we could shave much weight off an 84 volt or 100 volt cell array. Same with motors, I’d guess. The new hollow core motors are actually heavier, and have issues. The King Song S18 actually grew heavier between prototype and production. Because KS switched down-tubes from aluminum to steel? Increased the type and th
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