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  1. I find using the newer black pump works good but I decided to also buy the one Willy510 listed https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074DBPMDK?pldnSite=1 and try that also. If you use either one correctly, I do not think there is any air loss disconnecting.
  2. I wear a bright yellow safety vest and I have the phone in a pocket on my chest and can hear it fine.
  3. Related to this topic, I have 2 android phones and recently got my v11. On phone (A), I installed the InMotion app and did the update to V11 successfully. I have updated eucWorld on both phones (A/B) to the current version 2.2.1. I have separate pebble watches one for each phone (A/B). eucWorld connects to phone (A) and it's pebble watch and the v11 fine and I rode the v11 today (but without the pebble watch) and it seemed to work fine. eucWorld on phone (B) will connect to the v11 for a minute or so and then loses the bluetooth connection. I have to reboot phone (B) and if I try eucWorld ag
  4. Sorry if I was not clear but my cell phone speaker volume was too low initially so I did not hear any audio (welcome aboard...).
  5. Seba, I watched the video about having multiple wheels on EUCWorld which is exactly what I want to do but it is not working for me. Initially I had KS18XL on the app and it worked fine and I like the audio of battery levels, speed, and time. I now also have a V11 and when I go to connect via bluetooth it connects then immediately dis-connects! I can connect fine to the KS18XL. On another android phone with EUCWorld, I am able to connect to the V11 but I an not getting any audio (welcome aboard...) which I like. Hope you can assist. John Middleton
  6. Actually I was wrong about the new pump when I said "The unscrew portion of the pump is one single piece." and now understand how it works. There is a good video about using it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQgpQhzO3Vc
  7. For the new pump, what do you mean by unscrew the top part first? The unscrew portion of the pump is one single piece. John
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