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  1. Balancing is always done via battery pack bms so it should balance with any charger that reaches the correct full voltage. Looking forward to your findings. To be quite honest it's my opinion that this charger sucks and is very cheap. I'm hopefully there are higher quality 100.8V chargers to be had, they just don't seem to be super common.
  2. It was plugged in for about a week(which I understand is a long time). It was monitored by camera/alarms in a safe area. Built tons of 18650 batteries and know the bang bang boom capabilities all too well. It definitely didn't discharge itself like that on purpose. The screen was cycling on and off about every 10 seconds, it would show the 'no conn.' message and then repeat the cycle. Sherman software had some type of glitch I'm sure, whether or not its caused by the flickering light on the charger I do not know. I definitely don't want it to trickle charge by any means. I just wan
  3. Like I said in the main post: It's from the Xmas batch, the famous one with the container fire. Ordered in late December. I am selling it because I bought a Veteran Sherman and never ride the V11. Nothing against the V11 it just isn't as fast or powerful as the Sherman.
  4. New Update: It rained for a few days here, and then I went out of town for the weekend. I left my sherman plugged in this entire time. When I came back the shermans fans were running, and the sherman screen was cycling on and off saying "No conn". Charger light was green and sherman battery was reduced to about 50 percent. I am assuming the fans and sherman screen drained the battery over this long period of time. I will send yet another message to ewheels and update with the results...
  5. Wasn't sure if serial mattered or not. But blanked it out just in case. Thanks!
  6. I'm selling my V11. It's pretty much brand new. Has the normal scratches from tipping over on its kickstand but that's it. Never ridden in the rain, never crashed. I bought it in December from eWheels. I'm selling it because I just always end up riding the Sherman instead and this just sits in the garage. Here's your chance to get a like new V11 that has been barely ridden, and shows up ready to ride. You'll also get the benefit of knowing this has been test ridden for 100 miles without any issues. Located in North SF Bay Area. If you can pick it up locally I'll take the shipping co
  7. That's what I figured. Wasn't sure if they would send a rim with magnets attached and then you would move stator over to new rim. Seems pretty expensive to have to buy 100 complete motors just for the rim. Keep in mind he has an EX-N not a Sherman, which may be different. But the issue seems very similar. And having the same issue on a different wheel with the same tire does seem to point towards a tire issue instead of a rim one. However, it's all speculations until one of us with this issue tries another tire and or rim. I would love if they went tubeless, but I'm doubtful it
  8. I don't doubt that the tire might be contributing. But in this thread alone the issue seems to have happened to 3 different tires(K340, K262, and the contiscoot). However two of those are Kenda's so.... I would really like to try a new tire and see what if any difference it makes. I have the michelin pilots in front of me. But I don't wanna tear the wheel apart just to have to do it again when the new rim comes. And I also have had no issues in 300+ miles so I'd rather just keep riding until rim arrives. Plus I actually really like the 340s tread pattern. Wish I had a spare r
  9. I shoulda specified, specifically when coming out of sharp turns. Sherman has zero problem with dipping during speed, it's rock solid. I ride on the hardest pedal mode, forget what they call it.
  10. I am from the xmas eve batch as well. I can confirm pedal dip is definitely still present(4.32). You get used to it/prepare for it for sure, but it still annoys me. I have to brake after turns to 'reset' the angle. Hoping that it gets better with a possible future update. I didn't think it was that bad until my V11 arrived, which has zero pedal dip(like it's not even comparable). A friend that rode my Sherman noticed and commented on the dip immediately.
  11. Glad it worked for you as well. You could always enable it for the update and then disable it after as well. Might be a good idea to sticky this info for others who have the same issue.
  12. @RetroThruster Coming from one of the people that did crash: you will be fine and you will love your Sherman purchase! Carefully inspect tire seating when you get it, as long as it isn't crazy out of wack with one spot bulging out, just leave it as is and see how it rides. Monitor it the first few few rides. If you do have to recenter it carefully align it with the straight edge method listed in this thread. Don't try to seat it by riding at low psi to 'push the bead in'. Enjoy your Sherman!
  13. I had this same issue. Android phone here. New V11 that just came a couple days ago. Heres how I fixed it: Make sure to register your wheel. Then find the Inmotion Android app on your phone. Long press the app icon and click 'app info'. Under the 'advanced' tab change the permission settings to 'Allowed' for both 'modify system settings' and 'install unknown apps'. Also make sure you give permissions to the app for storage. After these steps my update downloaded no problem. Good luck.
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