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  1. Check the voltage on the batteries before you connect it, and send me a picture where it sparked on new board it may be fixable
  2. I am dealing with this exact issue! I've been going crazy trying to figure this out! @Jack King song you told me you never have seen this before well here it is again!!!
  3. I'm interested but apparently you can't recieve mesaages
  4. Oh yah that's far, nvm thank you anyways, I'm willing to fix for free though if you can ship, and if there's no other option
  5. Or I can try to fix it for you and keep the batteries, and return a working unit minus batteries You can text me at 949 404 9422,
  6. Interested in the mcm4 batteries Please let me know so we can arrange shipping will 200$ work?
  7. id recommend sending to your distributor, As I'm in California and shipping is prohibitively expensive. check battery connections if your comfortable taking apart and returns are not an option
  8. Where you located, if be willing to look at it for you, I repair wheels for the community.
  9. I believe she's a gen 2 but I'm really not sure. https://pasteboard.co/JFXHccwQ.jpg
  10. If you look right above the bottom left screw the ic marked U15 is severely damaged, likely a voltage controller or other regulating iC that can be repaired with some patience, new caps, and new Ic, provided there isn't many other fried parts along the chain.
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