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  1. check the serial to make sure its not a chinese region wheel i believe its locked if you purchased from ali onlie dealer, they are known for this
  2. impossible without programming knowledge
  3. This looks wildly unsafe but if it works then whinho am I am I to judge. Be safe though cause if you fall it's gonna hurt. I agree I'd love to see a video too!
  4. Your welcome to if you like but I offer the same coverage and repairs, you pay shipping but most issues are free for me to fix, plus if your in san diego you can ride it if you like, e wheels is a great company, I work with rev rides myself as they like my work. Regardless of your choice have fun and be safe
  5. Nikola Plus 100V 1800 wh -2miles on the odo (new motherboard) -new rim -replaced battery packs -h666 tire. Best 16” tire available -ewheels fast charger -power pads -jump pads -bicycle seat installed -3 extra side shells -extra fan installed to run two instead of one 2799 original.miles Local pickup in san dieg or Buyer Pays shipping if shipped Thanks for looking!
  6. Much better,larger cavity gives more bass, plus 2 inch speakers vs 1.75, and actually I just gave it better speakers for more clarity, and plan to use them in the future
  7. 50w Bluetooth 5.0 Drop in place of original redbox Pop in grills for outside Can do custom colors $200 Or $100 and your working stock speakers Pm if interested
  8. Any advice appreciated, wondering if in particular to eucs there are specific rules and guidelines, noticing half of them have continuity between outer legs and half on the gate( middle pin)
  9. Sand has silica, iron, and other metals in it, also ocean airhas high salinity and will corrode a board if left outside long periods, riding along the beach is fine, riding in sand not so much, you can use silicone to fully seal the wheels ingress points and you will be fine, however this wheel should not be used in the sand in my opinion, dirt is fine, and it's made for that, sand is finer and gets everywhere.i don't suggest it
  10. the "head" is 100% cast aluminum and acts as a giant heatsink for the mosfets, also there is a lack of conformal coating on the board allowing static electricity ingress and or any other elements, don't ride in sand or near an ocean as I've seen disasterous results with both
  11. Side panels are not added in this pic these are stock, also corner pieces I do have but.not pictured I have 2 s18 eucs and a 16x yes total of 3
  12. Have some wheels available Kingsong s18- around 300 miles, no bluetoothsupport(bad firmware update, wheel functions perfectly otherwise) $1300 SOLD Kingsong S-18- wheel is 100% with under 50 miles $1500 SOLD Kingsong 16x-450 miles with 2.5 amp charger, and 1554 wh battery $1400 SOLD Gotway MCM 4-like new under 20 miles No charger included $500 SOLD Gotway monster v1 2400wh- 1400 miles REMODLED AND SOLD Upgraded 1500 lumen headlight, leds that light up wheel and control spine, voltage readout display, stronger motor connections and melt r
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