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  1. Sound like beautiful ride already! Please add me, I'll pm you my number
  2. Love it! Nice video and nice area to wheel!! Too bad I missed it.. please take me with you guys next time!
  3. We were practising our jump-off-jump-on and our father was just there laughing hysterically at our poor attempts..
  4. WOW, what kind of tire are you using??
  5. Hi Gerard, Yes, I'm very interested in meeting new Electric Unicycle fanatics! I'm going to check my euc contacts if they like to come with to Zwolle the 26th of february. I'll let you guys know. Groeten, Michael
  6. Well that's not a bad buy at all so don't feel bad!
  7. Let me just get to the point... WE SELL THE KINGSONG 14B FOR ONLY 399 EURO'S @ http://www.futurewheels.nl
  8. Thanks for mentioning me here. I'm also interested in meeting up. We have a whatsapp group with about 10 electric unicyclers based in the Netherlands. We sell the 14B KingSong for 399 this winter as a stunt! Hope you haven't bought it yet...
  9. Wtf EUC Ectreme we can see your face! Or have I been so long away that I missed the revelation of your (usually) masked face??
  10. @TomekThere's a lot of wheelers in the Netherlands (search futurewheel channel or electric unicycle brothers on youtube), we have a Whatsapp group where we plan our WeekendWheeling trips. Want to join the group? More guys than girls on electric unicycles in the Netherlands as I see it now. But might change when it becomes the next hype after the hoverboard (which you see everywhere).
  11. I'd like the challenge of designing an app for the Apple Watch, but only if the forum actually have these..?
  12. If you measured 54V on the batterypack than you have some dead batteries, probably the Battery Management System to blame. There's a video on Facebook EUC Group on how to swap BMS on the battery pack on a MCM4. If you measured 54V on the charger than try opening it and setting the potmeter manual to 67V. If it is already, then you need a new charger.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen of the forum, As electric unicycle enthusiasts I thought you guys should be the first to know. We're selling our King Song KS-14B with switchable battery (in Europe aka FutureWheel Switch) for the all-time lowest price of 489 euro's.** Why? We need to get rid of our stock so we can make the newer models available to you! So if you want a quality lightweight wheel on the side this is your chance. Want to cover more distance? Get an extra backpack battery-pack and switch it up! Love life, Enjoy the ride and keep it wheel y'all! -- * Th
  14. Same, multiple apps in the Appstore all approved within a week while they say it can last between 2-6 weeks. But maybe Chinese submissions get tested more thoroughly than let's say West-Europe..
  15. @Xplorer DS got it from me and it is out of the manual we wrote for the KS-14B, while much of it applies to the KS-14C and maybe even the KS-16 models. You can downlaod it via this link: http://futurewheels.nl/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/HNDL-FUTUREWHEEL-EN-US.pdf
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