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  1. Yes I have had huge benefits for Sciatica too. The posture you have to take (straight back, bent knees) and the strength you have to build in various parts of the legs or core are hugely beneficial - has many parallels with the daily routines my physio gets me to do to keep the pain under control, or Alexander technique. My routine evolved to do 20 mins of floor exercises in every morning - part space building in the discs, bit much leg and torso strength building routines. And in the evening its 20 mins EUC ride each day (it tends to be hard to motivate yourself for floor exercises later
  2. To make EUC’s acceptable in everyday life, which they should be, some rules need to be defined. After 500 miles in London in 2020, I have some recaps. Hopefully they could help governments fully legalise this innovative and green technology. Rule 1: Have a an official road test. This could be driving license or just cycling proficiency, but knowing the road signals or how traffic moves is mandatory. Rule 2: Control at slow speed. You need to be able to control EUC at 2-3 mph or do circles of 2m radius, this enables you to avoid any dangerous situations (control at speed is easier)
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