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  1. Haha what a legend i am not ready for the streets yet but i have found that my feet are too big for pedal and the grip tape Gotway use on Tesla is bloody awful. So i have ordered new pedals and grip tape. What euc do you have @PourUC? How do you find pedals and tape?
  2. Hi matebi found it as i wanted it myself but failed to justify spending their asking price. Herea the link you are after https://www.roll.nz/euc-bodyguard/88-275-euc-bodyguard-for-gotway-tesla.html#/146-colour_combination-fluoro_green_centre_black_outer_fluoro_green_edge
  3. Last night i made a conscious decision not to practice with the wallnto long. As a result i used the wall alot to launch myself forward ride a couple of feet then rinse n repeat. I found myself towards the end getting comfortable to lean forward and i could bring the euc to a stop. Alot more progress needed but tonight is another night to reinforce these skillsets. @PourUCi cant teach you to ride as i am a beginner myself but i can say just keep at it if possible daily you will see huge strides in a week. Last night i also found my feet are far bigger than the tesla ped
  4. Ok thats good to know i did put alot of attention on this drill so tonight i will try to relax even further. Thanks for the guys i know newbee threads must be posted all the time but we really appreciate it.
  5. Where are you based i myself am based in Sittingbourne Kent. Non facebook theres a massive London Group i can send you the link too. On Facebook its easy to find groups ive not found a group or any riders in kent so far mind due. In terms of mounting i find mounting gently my new task to acenim far from perfect but mentally reasy to try mounting without the wall. The most important tip i know from. Other forms of learning is the more relax i am the more progress you will make. This will happen once you loose fear of coming off lol
  6. Awesome stuff last night i finished my session at 1am my big recommendations to newbies as i discovered last night my tyre arrived way underflated. When i got home and connected my pump it told me my wheel was 16psi and the tyre recommends 45-50psi so i went with 47psi. Last night i simply practiced riding along a wall and dismounting. 2 drills a session is good for me as i can plit the time evenly. I found being on the eunicycle awkward as im yet to find my ideal foot position and found that i was failing to grip the eunicycle solidly between my legs. I am going back out ag
  7. Thank you for this information i have found the charger. All the best with the sale.
  8. That tip of looking forward is so powerful as a motorbike rider i learnt where your eyes go the body will follow. I hear what your saying about open spaces stunting learning buts tricky when you dont want to loose control of your new 1k plus euc riding into a tree.car or person lol Ill start with open space but quickly move to more challenging environment as i understand this concept from learning to drive and manoeuvre my motorbike. Looking forward to conquering these initial hurdles and just riding but im in no rush i know its a process.
  9. Hey Pouruc Welcome to the EUC world. Im going out tonight to practice life got in the way yesterday lol its ok is a shame theres not a format structure like these are the 15skills needed to learn practice these 5 drills for week 1. Trying to watch video is hard because each video tell you to go somewhere different like next to a wall, next to railing, big open space etc. Tonight im going to practice in the Morrison car park smooth surface walls. Open space so fingers crossed its a good session. I will take my belt so i can strap the unicycle as well. Tonight if i can mou
  10. That is heart felt advice that has been well listened too. Thank you. 👍
  11. Thanks for your response fortunately as a scooter retailer i had access to knee pads. Elbow pads. Helmet i also got wrist guards. I actually wrapped the euc in bubnle wrap i saw roll. Nz sell a cover but they want over £100 which i thinknis far to expensive for what it is. Keep the tips coming guys im humble to absorb all recommendations.
  12. Hi i just signed uo to this site an today could not private message you must be because my account so new. Anyway I have this same euc but wanted to ask if you could share the model number of the charge doctor as id buy that. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi all. Today i got my Gotway Teala V2 I am new to riding electric unicycle so today i just watched u-stride beginner videos. I am a electric scooter retailer but always been intrigued learning how to ride an EUC lockdown has just given me the time to focus on learning. My plan of attack is to practice drills for 1 hour a day for a week and then attempt going for a ride is this fron your experience a practical approach? I created this post to say shout out to all the fellow euc riders liking what i see of the community so far. I am from Sittingbourne Kent and wante
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