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  1. Dom-unique, are you still thinking about selling your V8F. Possibly interested. Let me know. I'm in DC.
  2. Thank you. So helpful. I'm in no rush and will take my time to find the right next step. Really appreciate your time and the suggestions.
  3. Thank you both for the insightful responses. The more I am looking into this the more it becomes clear the asking price ($500) is way too high. I am looking for my first wheel. I don't anticipate commuting with it. Mostly playing around, and going for short rides around the block or the campground. Of course this may change as I get hooked. Any tips on where to find used wheels? I haven't seen too many used wheels for sale. Might have to step up to a new one. It looks to start around $800-$900, except very few models in the $500 range. What would you say is a good starting point? I
  4. Hi, I am considering getting a used Ninebot One E+ for about $500. Would this make a good first EUC? I don't see Ninebot One being offered new anymore. Is it still supported? Thanks,
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