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  1. My only disappointment is it being a 16" wheel. Would have much preferred a 19" like the RS. But guess will have to see how it rides
  2. Guess I'm the odd man out, but I like it! Definitely want to see how it performs in the real world. Looks interesting. If price is right it will be interesting.
  3. Hi, I returned the gear 3 and got the Samsung Galaxy 3. I was having issues with the gear watch. The new Galaxy 3 has a much better battery life. I only go on rides about an hour or so long and it lasts fine with plenty of battery left. I don't think it would last for a 10-12 hour ride. But it should last 10-12 hours in watch mode with some ride time etc world use mixed in. I really like having/ watch to see my speed and battery life.
  4. I have a Tesla V2 and have been very happy with it. I think you would be very happy with the needs you described. You should have no problem running 20+ MPH on it. I think it has plenty of torque for daily riding. It's lacking in the lights department. The front headlight is just ok and there is no tail light. I'm sure you could add one if you think night riding will be an issue.
  5. Haha. I hear you brother! These high quality China wheels are the shiznick!🤣
  6. Yea that's my problem. I'm kinda an adrenaline junkie! I have had several sport bikes over the years. I really love the Ducati look of the S18! Like a lot of us, I wish for a suspension wheel that goes 50+ MPH and has good range and tough body parts! Hey I can dream right?!?😁
  7. I am a sport bike guy NOT a Gold Wing! 🤣 I would like the quicker pickup speed
  8. So I have been having a blast on my Telsa V2. I ride some street/sidewalk but ride more light trails. I have been pushing the speed on the Tesla and when I get to 27-30MPH I feel like it gets a little squirrely, especially when there is any kind of wind! So I have been eying a few wheels for a while. Thinking the RS HS or the Sherman. Leaning more towards the RS. I don't need to have more then 25-35 miles of hard riding range. I would like to be able to ride in the mid to upper 30MPH range without worrying about a cutout! I also was looking at the V11 because the suspension looks like it would
  9. I'm thinking we could just ride around like this!
  10. The boots/shoes have been working out really good. Kmart shoes, haha that reminds me of "there is a blue light special on isle 3" (now I'm showing my age!)
  11. Very cool. I don't know if I want to pull mine off and do the spikes right now as it has been working good without them. However I like what you did and it's something I'll keep in mind if I decide otherwise. I've only had one time going about 20 MPH down a dirt road and hit a mini pothole and caught some air that they might have helped. But jump pads and the spikes would probably be even better. I think even with the spikes if you get tossed up in the air you might not land back on the pedals spikes or no spikes! It was one of those oh $h%t moments when it happed to me! Let me know how it goe
  12. Would love to have a secondary horn. I use a Samsung watch and have the horn horn set to single tap. The issue is I have several horns I like to use. Some are very loud and would be slightly rude to use as a casual warning. It would be nice to have a "Friendly" horn AND a more serious or playful secondary horn option (maybe set to double tap). Hopefully this could be added without too much effort? Thanks for the great app! I really love the looks I get when my "Horse" and I come trotting by!🤣
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