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  1. Thanks all. I will drain it some by going uphill during the down hill from now on. I also didn't know that charging only to 80% can damage the batteries.
  2. Ah thanks! So according to Alex-I's experience, I should consider the overcharge warning to mean that a cutout is eminent even if I then go up a hill or ride on flat, I guess until the battery gets drained past some (mystery) level.
  3. Hello, I have a Gotway Tesla V2 1020Wh unicycle purchased in Oct 2020 that works great. I live on a pretty big hill and charge it at night. The next day towards the bottom of the hill it will frequently give warning beeps and tilt back. I presume this is from overcharging, and I'm happy that they included this overcharge warning. My response is to ride very slowly the down short remainder of the the hill. My question is whether doing this repeatedly will damage the batteries. I'm fairly terrified of the batteries going bad and exploding, especially with Gotway / Begode's sketchy safety oversig
  4. Thanks LanghamP. Yeah I've seen some of those videos, and I put on a shorter stem and higher bars, and I previously went to physical therapy w/ exercises, but I still get pain. I think I have a specific, recent problem with my left wrist that biking exacerbates. Still going to try a different handlebar setup (convert from drop to swept back handle bars) to see if that helps.
  5. New rider. Bought mine as a commuter ~ 8 miles each way on decent weather days. My bicycle started giving me terrible wrist pain despite attempts at adjustments, so had to give up the bike for now. The EUC is a dreamy ride that brings me along new paths and new neighborhoods. But I wish my feet had mobility, and like LanghamP, wish it was more strenuous. I wonder if a pedaling system could be incorporated - maybe a low movement pump, pushing your feet back and forth like a skier. I'm basically trying to learn to ride with some foot movement, shifting my weight on my feet and some one legged ri
  6. Thanks for the comments xiiijojjo. I will feel a bit better about harder leaning (especially with battery > 50%). Slugdog: mrelwood is talking about the safety feature implementation on Gotway, which I am just learning about here, that apparently differs from most other brands, does not have tilt-back (enforced braking) that adjusts to the battery level. This and other things tend to make users turn off the safety features all together, and then crash like in the video (some here love that you can turn off the safety's, which are too conservative). At least the companies should ex
  7. Thank you, mrelwood! I have a Gotway Tesla V2 1020 Wh as a first EUC and I still can't figure out where the line is for a possible cut out. This seems crazy as the rider is in such a vulnerable position. When I'm going up steep hills, I hold my hands up thinking I might get pitched off. Down hill, near full charge, who knows? I don't know how different safety is between models. I bought it because it seemed like the right balance of weight (lift it up stairs) and speed and range. I don't fully understand the safety features, even though I've tried to read about them. It comes with basically no
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