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  1. Nope, I drove it to and from home and charged it my office room. It was never exposed to extreme heat or cold.
  2. Unfortunately I can't even charge it. It won't go pass 0%. I'm waiting on Ewheels to answer my email. I'll post their answer/troubleshooting here.
  3. When the wheel is on, the voltage starts at 45V put keeps on going down. It looses 0.1 every second. I also want to say that I always remove the charger after I check with EUC that the battery is 100%. The 16XS had less than 200 miles as well. It ain't related to something I do since we have 2 other wheels, the Inmotion V11 and Solowheel Glide 3 that get used and charged the same way, and we never had any battery issues with those, or any issues of any sorts.
  4. Hello, Please help. I'm having the exact same issue with both my wheels. I'm an occasional rider and only ride for a couple of hours at the time. I always charge the battery after each ride. My 1st wheel was a 16XS and my current is an S18. My first wheel got replaced for a different wheel (the S18) because the battery died after just a couple of months of riding it. The battery went down to 0% which killed it. I have no idea how this happened and was assuming it was just a faulty battery. Yesterday, I wanted to ride my S18 and no matter how much I held the power button down, the wh
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