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  1. I placed a deposit on a Gotway Tesla V3, 1500Wh battery and only 1297.00 The previous revisions have been solid, I'm hoping this one is just the same. I will update when delivered.
  2. Just got word from eWheels, they are pricing it at 1590, I'm definitely buying it from an alibaba vendor and saving $300 bucks.
  3. Not F&F, it's an actual invoice with Terms and Conditions laid out on the bottom.
  4. Does the overheat and combustion happen over time or quickly? if it progresses over time, then a monitor would be good, if it goes catastrophic in minutes to seconds, a monitor wouldn't make a difference.
  5. I'm thinking about placing a deposit with an alibaba vendor, but I'm hesitant due to the fact that they asked to do the transaction outside alibaba and go direct through paypal.
  6. Now that I think about it, I have 2 easy options: I have an empty Green trash can (grass clippings and green stuff only) and also a compost bin (both are unused), until I get a metal locker to place a charging wheel into, I'll use one of those two, to keep the elements out while charging, but keep the EUC far enough away from the house to keep us safe.
  7. I looked and could not find anything about tire liners, has anyone used a puncture proof tire liner successfully? How did you balance the wheel after installation. Is slime the only viable mitigation against flats and wheel balancing?
  8. Rawnei is right, change the ship to location to Canada (keep it as US Dollar though) and you'll see their merchandise pop up. I messaged Wheel Rider Store directly and they said it's due to Alibaba's new terms and conditions about shipping high dollar items to the US. They sent me an invoice via Paypal and I'm debating if I should take a chance and buy the new Tesla V3 1500wh model... it's nerve wracking... Anyone have any experience buying from Wheel Rider Store?
  9. @ dev null Thanks for that link, I found out that you need a Class D fire extinguisher for Lithium fires. I finally found those little balls Kuji Rolls set up above all his wheels: look up "Auto Fire Off" Fire extinguisher ball (it's only partially class D, so I would go with a class D real fire extinguisher, then have these balls as back-up if you're not home. Whoa, just looked at a class D fire extinguisher and it's over 600 dollars, holey moley! Can someone please find a cost effective solution for us, I will continue to search as well.
  10. Here's a thought: Set up something like Kuji Rolls' metal box in a storage unit or covered patio approx 10ft away from the house, so if it were to catch fire, it's away from the building.
  11. I rushed over here because I got the info from an alibaba seller, they mentioned selling it for 1297.00 I would prefer to purchase it from someone in the US, but that's if the price is reasonable. This would be my very first EUC if I were to get a decent price.
  12. Yeah, but I'm not in the Bay Area, if you're willing to use ewheels shipping, I wouldn't mind making an offer.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5WFj-knABI This is kind of a neat solution for those who have more EUC's than they normally ride, the balls above the rack are supposed burst and douse a fire with retardant chemical (not sure if it's L-ion proof though). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2OwOEHQ4vA Check out the cabinet charging station at the 12 minute mark, if anyone can find the cabinet online, please post it thanks.
  14. You could make a rack with fire suppressant balls right above them like Kuji Rolls, he also has a metal locker where he charges his vehicles overnight (I would like to know where to find such a locker).
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