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  1. Yeah, but I'm not in the Bay Area, if you're willing to use ewheels shipping, I wouldn't mind making an offer.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5WFj-knABI This is kind of a neat solution for those who have more EUC's than they normally ride, the balls above the rack are supposed burst and douse a fire with retardant chemical (not sure if it's L-ion proof though). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2OwOEHQ4vA Check out the cabinet charging station at the 12 minute mark, if anyone can find the cabinet online, please post it thanks.
  3. You could make a rack with fire suppressant balls right above them like Kuji Rolls, he also has a metal locker where he charges his vehicles overnight (I would like to know where to find such a locker).
  4. After reading winterwheel's feedback, I'm looking for a Inmotion V10F or Kingsong 16S, If anyone's reading this thread and has one lying around, I'd be interested.
  5. No one likes what they see: OP posted their story, to assuage their feelings of guilt (proven with nalds own words), downplayed their role, but ended up confessing guilt by letting it slip that he saw the poor old woman from far away, yet did not slow down for her <== Those two things are what makes us mad about the whole situation, no one likes being lied to or used as an emotional tampon. If the guy told the story accurately, I don't think there would be so much rebuttal in the thread, but with each passing post from OP, he reveals more and more of what actually happened. Hopefully a Jaka
  6. I'm certainly not calling the OP fake, I think most people are pointing out that bumping into someone at 9mph doesn't asplode <sic> your femur and murder an elderly woman (That you said you saw from far away, but didn't slow down for). A lot of us get the feeling that you're "massaging the truth". In order for your tale to be somewhat plausible, your MPH has to double, I think that's why people keep going on about this thread (No one likes being lied to).
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of attaching a line to my belt buckle, but falling forward would be an issue (I imagine).
  8. Thanks for all the advice though, it sure helps me figure things out better, I think I'm going for the Veteran Sherman, it seems to be great on pavement and 80lbs is nothing to me.
  9. Do people tether themselves to their EUC, I've seen so many accidents where the guy just jumps off and the EUC keeps going and with every bounce it seems to shatter like porcelain. I'm guessing if you have a 4 or 5 foot strap, it will go until it's jerked back by the strap and stop.
  10. Speaking of padding I saw some shorts on Amazon that have padding all the way around, I was thinking if I'm going to eat it, I might as well be able to throw myself on my haunches and ride it out. What's it like to crash on an EUC, do you mostly scrape elbows, knees or buttocks or is it a luck of the draw and you end up face planting.
  11. Gonna buy those chunky butt/thigh pads, this will get interesting.
  12. When I used to mountain bike, I would wear helmet, wrist guards and 1 elbow pad on my right arm, never failed, when I was going to eat sht, I would dismount to my right and always walked away unscathed, not sure if it would work the same with EUC though.
  13. Never thought of it like that, you don't have to be dumb enough to win a Darwin, to get a Darwin.... Just have to be near a F***ing R####d to be given one without consent, stay frosty and steer clear of those peeps if possible. RIP little old lady, hope you're in a better place!
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