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  1. My oh my! The first guy carried more things than a pickup truck could!
  2. Thank you, @amelanso I have posted my x-ray & operation picture. I have also included picture of me arriving in the hospital. If you noticed my right leg carefully, you'll see that it bent the wrong way. If some people thought that 'no way it could happen', 'your speed must have double what you said' and so on, let them. They won't believe, no matter what we said and it's not our job to make them believe. So, we better stop. You are right, everything we do has consequences. Whether we intended it or not, we must bear the consequence. I could feel and understand how
  3. What if you put the wheel in its box. Then you put the box upright at your backseat (hopefully it fits). Then you cast a net over the box and tie it up nicely. This way, even if the box fall, you have already minimized the risk by putting enough padding inside the box. Could it work?
  4. This is roughly the location where it happened. Hopefully it could give some sense into what happened that day. This is when I arrived at the hospital. Btw, seems like attachment feature activated when I reached some certain number of posts or reputation.
  5. @amelanso this noon, my gf instructed our driver to go to the supermarket which was right across where the accident happened, I almost puked. I tried contacting the relatives of the old lady, asking if I could come over to their place. I wanted to apologize & clear my conscience. However due to the Covid-19 situation, they wouldn't receive any guests yet. I must find another way to clear my conscience.
  6. Thank you @Ubute. Your perspective really enlightened. Now I could also understand the misunderstandings that happened in this thread. What you described about the road condition in Jakarta is spot on. The road is not a friendly place. Even if you cross the road at the cross road, most drivers would not stop and wait for you to cross the road. Drivers will estimate and keep on driving as long as they don't hit you. That's why cross roads are not popular in Indonesia. Even for young people, crossing the road is scary. Which wass why I was amazed that the old lady was crossing the roa
  7. @Justin Boivin you were right, I used the wrong word. I should have used the word "spun" instead of "turned". Please pardon me. It seemed that at the moment of impact, my wheel spun / twisted very hard and the sudden rotation broke the femur. @shellac I could only estimate my speed at around 10-15KMH / 6-9MPH because I'm used to calibrating my inner sense of speed with darkness bot. Could I be wrong? I could have.
  8. Just because I didn't mention the worse thing in the title, didn't mean I was misleading. I sincerely hoped that you'll never experience what I did. Because talking about it, or even putting it in headline (title) for someone who's still trying to grip with it, is VERY hard. It's hard enough for me to tell the story. Now you're demanding that people must use your standard and put that horrendous thing on the title, just to please you. Who are you to tell others on how to write? You have absolutely no authority on this! From now on, I will cease discussing this with you.
  9. So, you're here not to look for the clarification, which you asked for. You're simply here to tell me that the title of the thread is not to your liking / up to your standard. Also since my "(very first) post has HEAVY content and stirred some readers."; hence it must be fake. Thank you @Surfling. Have a nice day.
  10. Hi Surfling, I appreciate your post. Yes, I am a 40-year old EUC rider. What data do you need me to provide? Please note that I have nothing to gain at all by posting my experience. If it helps you to understand & gain more wisdom, than I will try to help. FYI, Jakarta was not and is not in lockdown. Thank you, Zen. You're my senior, of course I must listen to your advice. I gave much thought about riding again. One of the thought was, it could happen to me in a car, motorcycle, or even EUC. Will I stop if it happened to me in a car? Why did I ride a
  11. Hi @Surfling, It's okay. You don't need to push yourself to believe. Even if I post photos of me being brought to the hospital, lying in hospital bed, and so on, some will still doubt the story. It's perfectly fine. It happened in Jakarta and no, it's not on the news. Because the old lady's relatives didn't want to sue me at all. Which made me feel all the worse... Hi @LanghamP It didn't happen in the crosswalk. She took a shortcut to cross that busy road. It might be her fault but it's so much more mine. This must be a lesson that I need to heed for the rest of my life, no mat
  12. Thank you for your sympathy and prayers. You were right, the pain was excruciating, especially since the broken bone was sharp, it punctured into the muscles. "There were muscles in the bone marrow, I had to clean it", the surgeon explained. Every movement was very painful when the accident happened. The hardest part was the journey to the hospital when they lifted me up and I have to hold my own leg on the journey. Once I was on the stretcher and drugs were administered, the pain became manageable. Catether was installed at around 7PM (9 hours after the accident), after I asked for
  13. Some people asked why I posted this without the title explaining about the worse situation. Honestly, it's very difficult for me to write about this and what happened. However I know that some people might benefit from my experience. If only 1 or 2 people would benefit from my story, than it's better than nothing. Why? Because I experience how nerve wrecking this experience is for my life. Especially, when most of what I could do now is sit down. I thought that if my story could potentially save people from injuries or worse, life; then my story has served its purpose. Some people
  14. I couldnt find the "Choose Files". There were only, "Insert image from URL". However this is the link to the x-ray scan file, I tested it. You can see the files without needing to login to dropbox. This is the link to the plate & screws, CAUTION it's gory.
  15. @mrelwood that's what my friends have tried to assure me. That's what I have been trying to assure my brain too. However deep down, I couldn't help but feeling the guilt, deep sorrow one. This taught me a lesson that many has suggested. Maybe I should have done what @seage suggested. I should have gone much wider and pointed out the direction in which I would have wanted to go... I should have learned how to able to do power braking @GoGeorgeGo suggested and stop abruptly.
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