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  1. Thank you all for welcoming me to the community and for your insights. I think the Aerostitch looks very versatile but too expensive for now if I don't end up riding all the time. Klim is a bit more reasonable. I have a mc helmet from riding my moped that should work for now. Will probably just pick up some wrist guards for now as I'm assessing more long-term options.
  2. Just bought my first EUC (KS16s) and I'm hoping eventually to use it for commuting. I wear dress pants and shirts at work. Any tips on gear that won't require an extensive outfit change or is easily worn over my work clothes? So far I have a helmet but looking for all other things! Thanks friends.
  3. Definitely interested. Will figure out how best to connect with you tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Looking for a starter EUC. Never ridden before. 6'2'', 170 lbs. Looking for anything that will go around 18 mph for at least 15 miles. Will pay shipping if needed. Thanks!
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