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  1. Awesome. We'll do a tour of Canmore!
  2. I don't come in that often anymore. But if I do it sounds like you do some interesting rides. I'll give you a shout if I have a trip planned and see if you're available. I'm the only EUC guy out my way. I see the occasional one wheeler but I've never bumped into anyone else while riding. It would be nice to meet some fellow enthusiasts.
  3. I'm in Canmore AB. I ride a Veteran Sherman and an S-18. If anyone finds themselves in Banff/Canmore then hit me up to go on a ride!
  4. I ended up sending my Sherman back for service. I have about a 6 week wait while a new battery pack is shipped by boat from China. Groan. I wish I'd known that I could unplug the one battery pack like Ben Hatfield did in his video. Then at least I'd have my wheel while waiting for the new battery pack. Like I mentioned earlier, my bt Lou message did clear by itself (after several days) but I could not charge the wheel any more. I'm curious if Ben Hatfield has been able to charge his wheel OK with only 1 battery pack connected?
  5. A follow up to this. My mysterious bt Lou message disappeared after a couple days. (Just before I was about to ship it back for service). But now, a couple weeks and several rides later, I tried to charge the Sherman and it won't charge. This is the first time charging since the above issue. It looks like it's charging but after many hours neither the battery level of the voltage have increased. I suspect that it must be a bad battery pack or BMS. I guess I do need to ship it back for service after all. Sigh...
  6. Thanks for your answer Dominic Windsor. I can try leaving it charging and see if that fixes the issue. I'm a little concerned that a problem like unbalanced cells would occur so early. I have only run my EUC down once and charged it fully once. It is basically a new machine with 200km on it. Are you able to measure individual cell voltages on your OneWheel? I am a noob so is that even possible on something like a Sherman (with 240 cells)? I am trying to figure out if it's possible to see if it is actually unbalanced.
  7. Has anyone had this problem with a Veteran Sherman? Mine is saying "bt Lou" in the display and tilting back. I am taking "bt Lou" to mean low battery which explains the tilt back. The problem is that I still have 6 (of 8) bars of battery left and 90+Volts. I charged it about 60 km ago and have been getting a range of around 150 km. Battery low is definitely a false reading. Turning it on and off or connecting to a charger does not seem to help. I had a quick look for loose electrical connections but don't see anything obvious. I have only had the wheel for
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