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  1. hi, I had a look again on thingiverse and couldn't find them, would it be possible to add a link? cheers in advance Jolyon
  2. Hello, ide imagine a board burn out if you got stuck, the z10 has a direct charge system that dosent go via the controll boards. Ide take the side panel off and look inside, make sure to disconnect the (2) battery connectors in the right hand side of the wheel. Before accesing the boards on the left hand side of the wheel. Ive done quite a bit of work fixing my z10 so happy to try and help where i can
  3. thankyou, thats really appreciated I may have missed it but i was tryin to find a link to the double front head lights that you've added to your sherman they look really good i was wondering where there from? cheers Jolyon
  4. hello, This looks fantastic! would it be possible for you to share your 3D print files for these modifications? via thingiverse or something similar? many thanks in advance :)
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