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  1. Well my V11 won't even turn on now and I did hear a "pop" sound when it died. I will check the bolts before I replace the board but I'm pretty confident that something electrical needs to be replaced.
  2. To clarify, the retailer is sending me a new Driver Control Board, not a mainboard. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two. Which one has the gyroscopes on it?
  3. For anyone else having a control board failure here are details of my recent incident with the control board. Background information (numbered for reference): I was going slightly down hill (1% grade) when the gyro cut out and I fell backwards, landing on my feet as the EUC rolled tumbled away from me. I thought I heard a sound like a piece of plastic had broken off but now I think it could have been a "pop" sound like an capacitor blowing. I had been riding for about an hour before the failure occurred. It was only 70°F that day and I had just taken a break fo
  4. Did you ever make the video with the metal brackets? Can you provide a link?
  5. Change request for EUC World 2.4.3 I had paused my tour when I took a break and then when I was riding again I remembered I wanted to resume it. Instead of long-pressing on the Pause button I did a single press on it. This brought up the Tour settings dialog like in the image below. Here are my suggestions: Let the Android back-button activate the Cancel button on this dialog to close it (but not cancel the tour) The green Cancel and OK buttons were not visible to me in the sunlight. Wearing sunglasses and a full face helmet makes it even harder to see the screen. I
  6. Thanks for trying to boost my privileges. Nothing has changed copy/paste abilities yet. Do you use this forum on a mobile device? Is there an app for it? The main point of my posting was to get the attention of Seba. I'm not sure what the recommended way is of submitting EUC World feature requests. It's reasonable to post requests publicly to get opinions from other users. I'm a software developer and am contemplating some more feedback but I'm not sure how open the developer is to additional requests when he's doing this in his free time. An additional idea is to have it play
  7. Let me know if you can see the images in the link below. I uploaded the image to https://imgbb.com/ and it generated this link. I may not have enough permissions to copy/paste an image. https://ibb.co/FmdZ8N8
  8. This editor does not appear to support pasting images. Am I missing something?
  9. Feature request: The screen that appears when you Start a tour is almost identical to the screen when you Stop a tour. Can you change the graphic and make it very clear that you just started or stopped a tour? I get annoyed when I can't remember if I set up the horn/light/tour to be the single-tap/double-tap/tap&hold on the Gauge. Accidentally turning on the light or honking the horn is ok but I want it to be very apparent if I accidentally stop the tour. I have an image showing the two screens side by side but I'm not sure if viewers will be able to open the link. I c
  10. I'm riding in the winter between 20° and 40°F (-9 to 5 C) and noticing how battery life is affected by the cold. I'm wondering if you can add the outdoor temperature to the screen and maybe to the logs. I'm not asking for the temperature of the wheel or the phone (which may be in my pocket). I'm thinking there should be a way the app can call an API to get the weather data based on the location I'm in. It would be nice if this was visible on the main screen. Ben Pittsburgh, PA "Top 7 Best Free Weather APIs to Access Global Weather Data (Updated for 2021)"
  11. I'm just writing to say that it's a well written question. I a V8F last month so your post caught my eye. I've heard of a lot of people outgrowing their V8F and it may happen to me too. People also tend to say they have had good experiences with the V8F so it's reassuring that I can rely on it. I can't commute to anywhere from where I live so I like that I can throw the 30 lb EUC in the trunk and take it places to ride. That's one of the aspects that kept me from buying a bigger wheel as my first.
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