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  1. @RagingGrandpa Can you clarify about the trigger links? How many need to be connected between packs, if there's a polarity, etc? I don't have the originals for reference and have seen 3 or 4 different configurations on different packs. That's about the last remaining detail for finishing this rebuild, any help obviously appreciated.
  2. Thanks. I have been playing with the pressure some. I'm very hesitant to go very low though, just on the basis that I ride mostly in the city and unfortunately potholes and rough roads are a fact of life. The 1488 does have a centerline, but the edges of it are at least not continuous channels the way they are on the Eakia, so it should catch less easily on cracks and paint lines. I do plan to experiment a bit more with tire pressure but results are not promising so far.
  3. I'm having a hell of a time getting a nice ride feeling from my new S18. The stock tire (ewheels batch 3 so it's the Eakia with a solid centerline rib) was a bit less responsive than I'd like, but much more importantly it tramlined like crazy. Tended to catch every paint line, faint crack in the road, etc. and yank the wheel sideways. I swapped for a CY H-5102 (also in 18x3) and the tramlining is infinitely better but now (due to the more pronounced curvature of the tire) it wants to dive into corners so aggressively it's basically impossible to carve, and if you hit enough of a bump to com
  4. Thanks to you both for the replies and the details. This wheel belongs to a friend, and I don't know the precise age, but sounds like it may just barely predate the change in wiring as it certainly has only one connector. That said, it's not going to be an original 1200WH pack - it's actually going to be a 3000WH pack in a 100V msx body. 24s6p of Molicel M50a. There is still not intention of charging above 5A though, and I certainly wouldn't given the wire gauge in use.
  5. Really? This one and the one i opened to compare had 4 pins connected, but they all go to one XT30 (both + twisted together, both - as well) which is connected to the main pack. So even if you connect two chargers/high amperage charger on 4 pins it would charge one of the backs back through the main power connection. There's so much variation between batches on these wheels I shouldn't be surprised I guess.
  6. Let me clarify slightly - I realize the packs are paralleled going to the board, but on the basis of @RagingGrandpa explanation (and the wiring I have in the wheel) I think the charge port only connects directly to one of the packs, the other charging through the parallel main connection. I'm asking if there's any reason I wouldn't connect the charge port to both packs directly, since I have to rebuild that wiring anyway.
  7. I'm currently rebuilding a 100-volt MSX, and while I've built a number of battery packs, I've not built one on these BMSs before. Some of the wiring is missing so I'm recreating it. As such, would it be safe to connect the charger port directly to both BMS's in parallel, so each has its own direct power supply? Obviously would want to maintain the charge stop linkage as a backup, but would there be any issue with direct links for charging to each board?
  8. Apologies, original message was incorrect.
  9. Unfortunately, I think you are certainly likely to be correct. Hopefully it won't be a problem in the intervening time, but I'll be watching Declan's efforts and for the arrival of the updated design.
  10. I've been observing Declan's issues with this with some trepidation as I await arrival of my Sherman. Also from Ewheels, same batch as the christmas eve set - I just missed the email to make my final payment so I get one from the second container and a few days later. Hopefully won't have the issue, but we shall see.
  11. I'm a little late to this but there are a couple pieces of info floating around here that are misleading. (1) The one that bugs me most is the repeated references to on-board protection circuits on battery cells. It is true that many (not all) cells exist in a protected version like this. But it's also true that the unprotected versions are nearly always what are used in these packs - for cost reasons if nothing else. Therefore, generally speaking, there ARE no such protection circuits on each individual cell. (2) A few people have stated that there must be individual probe poin
  12. Good day all, new member and new rider here. I've been learning on a borrowed KS-18XL and had the opportunity to pick up a second hand one in great shape so I have. So far very happy except that the headlight on the one I bought is utterly and completely useless - the output is just nothing like the other one (or what it is supposed to be, based on looking at others' comments and reviews). The obvious fix is to replace the headlight module (not especially costly, so no huge deal) but first I wondered - has anybody here tried to replace/mod for even better lighting? If so - what did you do
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