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  1. Hey everyone! Thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I'm Alicia and I'm one of the owners at Ride the Glide in Victoria, Mike's daughter (who originally started this group). I learned to ride years ago and got fairly ok on them but had a "superman" as Mike would call it off of a Gotway MCM4, hadn't felt like getting back on one and we got out of selling Gotway and unicycles for a while. Decided to start getting back into sales this year (I think mostly because Mike needed a way to justify getting the V11, S18 and now Sherman) and hoped back on last week on a KS-16S. Was riding pretty good after a couple minutes of practice, we'll see where it goes! Anyway, if everyone would like to stop by and say hi if you're riding past the store (on Wharf St) we'd love to meet you, we don't have many EUCs to check out at the moment but we do have some pretty cool electric scooters.
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