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  1. I'd just like to reply and say I'm beginning to think I just need a new board. It just sucks because while I could replace it myself, I'd like someone knowledgeable who can make sure it's all running correctly when it gets changed. I have to go to NYC it seems to find some enthusiast with a small shop.
  2. 1. I will have to wait to actually test them. They look fine just looking at them. I don't see broken continuity. 2. Disconnected the yellow connector and it does the same thing. 3. I cannot connect, and even if I connect the charger to it I cannot connect. 4. Same as 2. Disconnected each yellow connector one at a time and it does the same thing. Also, speakers seem to turn on while the button is held. They make a small pop noise when I let go.
  3. Hi everyone. I just inherited a King Song 18l from someone. The thing shut off on them and they crashed it and the handle ripped off. They ordered the replacement handle but never got around to repairing it, but believing just the handle and the sensors inside were bad. I have put on a brand new handle, and replaced the pressure sensors. I then charged it with 2 chargers for at least the past 4 hours and finally decided to try it out. When I press the power button a red light shines and disappears when I let go. If I hold it it stays on. As soon as I let it go it turns off. The person that gave it to me says he believes that's what it was doing beforehand. I opened the board (KS18L V1.1) and everything looks ok from eyesite. I want to test the fuses for continuity but I left my meter at work. https://ibb.co/XDwNRJZ Image of if I'm holding the power button down.
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