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  1. @ShanesPlanet Yes, I've opened up the Mten3 and tried adjusting the hanger to no avail. Unfortunately, the part that rubs against the tire is the absolute bottom of the inside of the shell, just the translucent black trimming really. It's so little that switching to the Type II tire on Alliexpress doesn't cause the rubbing. I think the side with the battery and electronics is just a little too beefy and forcing the other shell to conform too much. /shrug It's just too bad that I prefer the ride with the flatter stock tire so that's what I stick with. It's only noticeable when I wedge my f
  2. One side of my Mten3 has the wheel so close to the shell that I can't ride one leg on that side without the tire rubbing against it. Same with other maneuvers that require putting stress against that side otherwise I would love to grab it by the ankles to hop onto curbs.
  3. Short-pressing the power button works to turn the light on. I wasn't clear enough. I meant to say my headlight works but each time the Mten3 tips over and the self-balancing mechanism resets itself and you hear a beep, the headlight automatically turns off. I would then need to manually turn it back on each time. Edit: I asked around more and apparently this is normal behavior with Gotway wheels.
  4. The headlight on my Mten3 doesn't come back on after falling. I don't know if this is normal for Gotway wheels, a bug with EUC World, or if I shorted something after just opening it. The Headlight Mode setting in the app still says "on" after tipping it over even though the light is off. The Persistent light setting doesn't affect it.
  5. I tried it with a rope today. I couldn't tie a knot tight enough. I then used a ratchet strap and strapped the Mten3 on top of a table, and to my delight the darn thing is holding air! It's wild, I just used a hand pump. No lube or sealant. I'm going to try holding off on sealant for as long as I can.
  6. https://more4motion.com/products/valve-for-mini-pro-tire I'm going through the same process now. I got the valve stem similar to above from eBay. Fits without trouble. It's kind of expensive just for one measly valve stem when factoring in shipping. It's in the U.S. but probably ships to U.K. Getting the tire off and on was a struggle but it wasn't too bad. Those small tire irons definitely helped greatly. Now I'm sort of stuck trying to get the tubeless tire to bead properly and pumped up. I can't get a proper seal.
  7. The pertinent question would be can you get more acceletation with less stability by plantar flexing? I'm sure there are tons of people willing to make the trade-off. Edit: I've got to try dorsiflexing next time I'm on an EUC. Does being forced to stand with both feet parallel and confined to one spot on the pedals make it uncomfortable or impede with the motion of hinging forward?
  8. According to his comment on Facebook from an earlier post the wheel caught fire when it was not being charged. It was sitting at 85% for 3 days. That's freaky.
  9. @Coco66 and @Seba Thanks. Glad to hear it. I'm still waiting for my EUC to arrive and a smartwatch is yet another thing that I will need to add onto my list of accessories/gear to get. It seems I'm discovering something new and cool every week while I'm waiting!
  10. Can you map 3 separate actions to the Pebble button or flic button (tap, double tap, and hold)? I'm thinking of getting a Pebble but I want to be able to both use the horn and headlight as a quick action.
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