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  1. @Willy510 Looking forward to your research results. Thanks for replying
  2. Maybe one end of the tether clipped to a single snap keep on one side of my waist. Left or right side of my waist but not centered. Something like this. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32945188684.html
  3. You can find the pricing at http://www.clarkpads.com. He started a website recently.
  4. Welcome! I'm a 2020 newbie. Enjoy it man. Grateful for the EUC community guidance.
  5. @GothamMike so glad you are feeling better. Hoping you are back on the EUC saddle soon.
  6. @StuartL I am considering use of a breakaway tether for the same use you described. I'm looking for one that has a breakaway threshold of a few pounds. I ride a few steep single-track ridge trails that challenge my current skill level. I've climbed that segment in the past, but the last time I took that course my MSP HT spun out in the loose powder on an incline, and down went the wheel along the side of the ridge into a valley. In this kind of situation, my hope is a breakaway tether may slow the fall of the wheel on a drop and give me a second or two to stop it from falling completely of
  7. I'm eyeballing these as possible options. https://buckinghammfg.com/products/chainsaw-lanyard-with-steel-ring-attachment-25y12/ https://www.treestuff.com/notch-modular-chainsaw-lanyard/
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