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  1. "Make love" to your EX to get Super Mid range acceleration... (Hip Thrust) * I guess that's might be necessary for us sub 200 lbs riders to extract TURBO/Nitrous mode from the EX...
  2. "Winterwheel" 's location says Edmonton in Alberta, Canada... up there in the Great White North, they use the metric systems since the 1970s... so for speed wise, I think he meant 40 to 50 km/h, as most city speed limits are 50 km/h... However, when it comes to personal weight or riding weight, I think we Canadians still pretty much stuck to lbs... Imagine his riding weight is 245 kg, that would be 540 lbs!
  3. As far as water ingress related issues... MADPack is happy with both the EX and EX.N so far...
  4. I might be confused... are you using 0.4 MPa (where yellow needle is pointing), or are you using 7.2 MPa (where RED mark on the dial is)? I am around the same weight...
  5. EX.N specs from Official Begode website: http://www.begode.com/productinfo/557433.html It is NOT 3500w motor for sure, but 2800w as you found out. The Chicway Store on AliExpress got many things wrong on their EX.N page... including the no load speed, which should be 105 kph...
  6. I love detailed reviews! Much appreciate for sharing! Let us know more about your experience with the performance, as compared to the RS-T... like acceleration, braking, torque for climbing... and off roading (when you get a chance)! Thanks in Advance!
  7. Hope you have the production version... if that's the case, show us photo of newly improved or redesigned trolley handle, and tell us any other issue they might have fixed with the new motherboard in the production version... ie, no or less pedal dips when turning, or accelerating... etc... Still waiting for mine from an AliExpress store... they say they finally got the units, and they are testing it first before shipping...
  8. The so called EX.N is probably just another EUCService Mod... based off of the EX shell, but a 200 watt more powerful version of the RS hollow motor instead of the 3500 watt motor... https://eucservice.com/en/ex/102-gotway-rs-2000w-1800wh-100v-lg-inr21700m50t-94kmh-bez-obciazenia-110km-zasiegu.html
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvhk76sima/ A version of the EX without suspension... Got a couple photos! Not just a rumor anymore?
  10. Since M24Pro has a larger wheel diameter and that's why it has a higher no load speed, so does that means a higher speed version is not possible for the sub 20 inch wheel of the EX? not unless Begode can make the RPM higher for this unconfirmed "rumored" HS EX with no suspension?
  11. I thought the MonsterPro 24 using the same motor but tuned differently can free spin 106 kph, and 900wh more battery... so speed wise, it should compete well with the Sherman, maybe even more torque... if that was Begode's plan, so what's the point of the EX HS sans suspension? Unless Begode just want to cover their butt due to the lack of interest of the EX due to the high price, and offer an option to still sell the wheel without suspension at the same price point as a Sherman, and make it go as fast as the Sherman, but offer more torque? That could be interesting...
  12. * Don't just watch this 4K video, make sure to read all the interesting comments below it as well !
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