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  1. Ok thanks to you for the info. I will wait for someone to find a solution or you can fix this problem too. Good luck to you and thank you again for your work.
  2. Hello @Seba, i have a problem with my Ticwris max and Euc world bell, it's impossible too chosse a file for personalized bluetooth bell ? Can you tell me how i can do and if it don't work it will be for last update ! Regards
  3. These are ideas that must be difficult to do in the app, but if other people have ideas, maybe @Seba can find it useful.
  4. Hello @Seba, I took a little longer to offer you a more readable screen. I don't know what you think, I hope this can be useful for you ... It's unpretentious and maybe everyone will find this awful proposition!
  5. @Seba One idea by the way, why not use a less round dial to make the most of the space of the rectangle offered by the screen? 🙃 A needle for speed might be more readable too ... maybe...
  6. Please try the Lemfo in live ! I'm sure it will be à good experience for you to find good ideas for it ! 😉👍
  7. I ordered mine but I won't have it for 1 month. It is a version with bluetooth speaker and a shell modified to have a through handle. I want to lend it to you for a test! ... you just have to come for a little tour in France ... 😂 OK?
  8. You need to find one ! 🤣👍
  9. @Marty Backe have you testing this New mcm5 v2 ? I 'd love have your suggestions about ! 👍
  10. I hope you're going to have a lemfo lem T soon. We are waiting an update for it in the french Euc forum "Esprit Roue" 😉
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