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  1. Same issue here, when riding with the left foot only. No issue with right one, thank god it's my dominant foot. I'm following...
  2. Coming back to this topic, is it normal that on a 16X with 72.5V KingSong app says 47% battery charge and EUC World (with battery level averaging turned on) states 26%? Ok for different interpolation methods but more than 20% of difference seems a little bit too much to me... Any comments? thanks
  3. Hello, same problem here... I cannot edit my postings. Can you help? thanks
  4. Battery 1554 wh , 2200 W motor Less than 1500km overall, in perfect working order with normal signs of wear on pedals and shell. Still under warranty (by the Italian distributor): 17 months remaining, 3 months for battery Original packaging, including charger. I ship all over Europe.
  5. I was wondering if it is normal that every 15/20 seconds I get a notification chime on my android phone... Is there a way to disable the nofication sound? Why I receive them so often in the first place? I checked in the Alarm settings but the Enable alarms flag is disabled. Please help. Thanks
  6. Thanks Meserias, I was looking to order from them as well but had same doubts... but now I will go for sure!
  7. To me it happens only with the right foot up, with the other I have no issue apparently...
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