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  1. Hey Friends ! To be more informative, i'll try to convert the models to USD. How you can see below every model here is expensive, but MSP i cannot get now unfortunately. MSP - USD 3600~3660(a lot money here) 18 XL/ 16X - 1.981 USD ~ 2.000 USD For me is enough 40~45 km/p (25 - 27 mph)
  2. Hello everyone ! I would like to ask for help in deciding which one to buy as an upgrade from my v10 (I love it), I will not buy models with suspensions for now, here in my country it is extremely expensive and out of the question, and now there are great opportunities to buy one of these two 16x and 18xl models with nice price. I weigh about 185 lbs (85 kg) and use it as the main form of transport and going to work, I can say that the streets are not the best, there are very smooth places and others with small holes. Considering the latest FW and possible known issues, which one would you recommend buying? Thank you!
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