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  1. Thanks, Best advice so far, I have made my decision, RS Torque it is.
  2. gotcha, so the MSP has been superseded by the Gotway RS 19″. I found this comparison spreadsheet, pretty much elucidates the difference between the MSP and the new RS models (not much) as you mentioned, the RS is essentially the same motor design as the C30 and C38.
  3. Great work on this comparison @RagingGrandpa! So as far as Gotway models are concerned, I should have clarified that I was intending to, or speaking of, the RS19 (100V, 1800Wh, 2,600W motor) units. Are the C30 and C38 model designations comparable to the models you tested in the other thread? I believe you compared the MSP, the MCM5 and the MSX in the thread you referenced. Just curious if there's an equivalency between these tested models and the RS19 torque vs HS units? Maybe I'm confused here but then again I am self-admittedly an euc-newb (so apologies for any confusion I may have
  4. Hi all, euc newb here. Based on a cursory search that I performed, I am sure this topic has been covered a few times (though not exactly in the way that I was expecting, which is why I am starting this new thread). There are a few quite deep discussions on how electric motors work, what Torque means, power, etc. These are very in-depth engineering level technical discussions. I am starting this thread because I am trying to understand the higher level human aspects of torque vs speed models. I understand that the gotway c38 vs c30 for example have different magnets, and that
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