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  1. I have a 67V and was riding it this morning. I don’t know why but I launched Darknessbot and the indicator was in the yellow and it read 98 degrees. I’ve never noticed it before and I rarely use Darknessbot. It freaked me out and I stopped. Not sure what to do, it’s 6 months old. I’m riding indoors on the factory floor at 4-7 mph. Just a little ride before work. No beeps, no tilt back. Could the fan have died?
  2. FWIW, first and only wheel at this point is an Mten and I struggle to ride it after 3-4 months. I should have gotten a larger wheel (V8f for example) I think. Just a heads up to anyone who wants to get into this activity and is considering the Mten as their first wheel.
  3. Atlas, I would agree with you 100% but It was my choice, not based on any recommendations. I did advance today, so thanks to all who shared your knowledge. Gurnee rider (don’t see your name?) I would probably dump your V10, but I would love to try it. I don’t see a contact link anywhere.My access may be limited as a new user? I do appreciate the offer.
  4. thanks everyone for the advise. I’ll keep at it.
  5. The pedals do feel small, I didn’t think of that. I will look into larger pedals. Maybe deflate the tire a little? I really appreciate all the advise.
  6. it’s probably me. I’ll keep on practicing. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for all that. I’m doing it all, and it’s fun, just wish it was stable, I could relax more if it was, thanks for your help. Steve.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I struggle to accelerate sometimes. My main problem is mounting mostly. I need a fence for 30 minutes to re-a climate. My desire is to take out of the trunk and just ride it without feeling so freaked out most of the time. I’ll keep practicing. Maybe it will get better? I just feel every little thing on this wheel. Everyone I see on the net make it look effortless.
  9. Hey guys, new rider. I have a couple questions maybe someone can answer. End of June I received an Mten3, the least expensive wheel I could get to try this thing out. 3 months later,I can ride it, free mount (sometimes) and stop and dismount safely (and even that varies day to day). The Mten3 is a very “twitchy” little wheel. Is a bigger (taller) wheel (v8f for example) more stable? Is a bigger wheel easier to mount and ride? Is a bigger wheel more stable? The terror mostly outweighs the fun. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a horrifying experience. The only riding I do is close to a fence at
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