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  1. Gradle is sometimes tricky I know it... EUC World 2.2.1 is now available on Play Store, updated and I can confirm, it is WORKING PROPERLY AGAIN!! Thanks a lot, @Seba
  2. Well, look, it's all that more complicated. It's not just about EUC World, I can confirm from today's experience that the Inmotion application did not want to connect to me three times today and stated that it is not possible to load data. Occasionally, bluetooth freezes and hangs until I turn the wheel off and on again. And today's long trip (35 km) I also felt that the wheel is kind of "lazy" ?? I don't know how to describe it, but I had quite a problem getting over 40 kmph. The behavior of the wheel seemed so strange to me, as if pulling back slightly and preventing me from accelerating more aggressively and driving continuously over 40 kmph. Did it happen to you too? For a moment it seemed to me as if the motor power had been reduced or the acceleration was so "hesitant", lazily weak. Or do you think Inmotion has detected some problems with overloading the batteries, circuits or overheating and have preventively made some form of configuration change so that the wheel systems are less stressed? Unfortunately, this is how it affected me while riding today and led me to these considerations. I really don't know now ... I'm out of it.
  3. So I updated EUC World 2.2.0 Beta. Is this version same as your final version with bluetooth connection fix? If so, there is good and unfortunately bad news on my side.The good one - connection between EUC World and V11 is estabilished and stay connected. The bad one - seems no data received from the wheel. The green circle indicator still blinking, gauge and other values are still grey.
  4. V11 firmware 1.2.1 is out. I´ve updated successfuly. I´m planning longer trip on noon (approx. 20 km). I will report the wheel behaviour. Still waiting for EUC World update to work.
  5. I have to agree with Mr. @Finn Bjerke. I will describe my experience - first the Inmotion app (originally downloaded from Play) offered me an update of the application to version 7.7.2 Okay, I did it. I ran it and a firmware update to version 1.2.0 was available. Done and I expected it ends and everything is ready. But that was not the end of it. In this state, the configuration of the official application and the wheel is very inconsistent and malfunctions may have occurred. When I ran the Inmotion application again, it offered an update again, this time to version 7.7.4 Hmmm, OK, I confirmed. Instead of updating from Google Play, the APK began to be downloaded somewhere from Chinese servers, but the download fell with connection timeout. Finally, I tried several times before the APK started downloading, but very slowly !!! The 32 MB file downloaded in about 20 minutes! Then I started version 7.7.4, it was quite a problem to connect to the wheel at all. Finally connected, I opened the settings - firmware update. And what is it ?? The wheel has firmware 1.2.0, but the application again offered an update to firmware 1.2.0 ?? So I reaffirmed a little confused. In my opinion, this is not an experience that would correspond to a premium wheel at a price of around 2200 EUR. Personally, I am a fan of the Inmotion brand and I regularly buy their wheels (V5F - mileage over 2500 km, V10F - mileage over 6200 km and currently V11F - mileage 764 km). But I think colleagues and I with this experience are currently a little right to be upset. The title of the thread may be a little more rude and could be a little more polite. However, this is no excuse for Inmotion, next time they should do a little better debugging and testing than releasing new firmware versions. Or at least offer a tool that at worst allows you to revert previous firmware. It is unacceptable for an irreversible one-sided configuration changes with the recommended update, which may put the wheel in a state of unpredictable, if not dangerous! Finally, thanks to Mr. @Seba for quick response, problem reproduction, analysis and fix of EUC World. I can appreciate his work, I am a mobile developer myself (as a self-employed person I have been developing since 2002 from the J2ME era, through Symbian, Windows Mobile, Bada OS to today's iOS and Android). I have personally purchased an EUC World Premium membership and will continue to support his work in the future. Greetings to Poland. You are close to Gdansk, which we love and have visited three times. Good people, beautiful country. Stay safe of COVID.
  6. I also had a tilt after the update, but it was just a speed clamp. I turned it off in the settings and reset the top speed from 25 to 50 kmph.
  7. That sounds scary! Now I went shopping, I rode about 5 kilometers, mid-rain conditions, and so far no problem with the behavior of the wheel. I love long, several-hour cruising. If it catapults me every half hour, all the joy of V11 is gone. I'm still looking for a solution to my bluetooth problem. I've tried everything - wheel reset, phone restart, other phones, nothing has worked yet. The tool to revert to the previous configuration after the firmware upgrade is really missing. Especially if the new firmware may contain some bugs or malfunctions.
  8. Did you solve it somehow? I tried resetting several times by holding down the start button. So far, everything I've tried without success. EUC World still not connecting.
  9. What? I just had a problem and turned to the community for help or experience. Instead of discussing the issue, spam is addressed. Someone else starts a thread V11 + firmware + bluetooth, so I was trying to redirect the discussion there. I apologize for my bad English.
  10. I moved the problem with bluetooth after updating firmware to 'Inmotion v11 firmware upgrade fucks up bluetooth' thread . I also uploaded videos:
  11. After firmware update 1.2.0, only the Inmotion application is connected via bluetooth. V11 rejects all bluetooth connections from other applications (EUC World, WheelLog etc.). I made videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtW9kFoyIGg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7QS8z2Pcbw
  12. Yes, previously I understood. Of course, any bluetooth connection to the wheel is indicated with blue symbol on battery display. When I repeatly tried to connect with EUC World, the bluetooth connection was always off on the wheel (no bluetooth sign). When EUC World initated bluetooth connection, I heard the connection estabilshing sound, the bluetooth sign on the wheel appears and in second connection refuse sound and bluetooth sign disappear. It seams "like something" happend, configuration, settings, idk ... causing that any bluetooth connection, except from Inmotion application, is always refused. Only Inmotion application is now able to connect my wheel. I still thinking what is different, the same wheel, the same version of firmware, yours working, mine not. WTF's goin' on?? I hope I'll solve this problem and it could help others in the same situation.
  13. No, this is not that case. Now I tried on my girl-friend's phone (the same as mine), untouched with Inmotion application and EUC World before. And unfortunately the same result - the wheel always refuses bluetooth connection from EUC World. Caused by firmware update. It worked before this update. Is there any way to make factory reset / downgrade firmware? I still want to be EUC World user, I love AVAS and moded V11 with holders for two JBL GO2 speakers and this combination makes this wheel unique. Really sad
  14. So my wheel got into some weird state? I do not get it. There is always a connection sound and then a disconnect sound. It's like the wheel refused connection. I tried it on three Android devices. The Inmotion app connects everywhere, but EUC World always refuses. I'm f**ked
  15. You are lucky man! No success on my side Bluetooth was not dead-blocked, Inmotion app normally connecting, just EUC World not. I've downloaded 7.7.2 from Play, it offered 7.7.4 version download (APK, non-PlayStore). Firmware 1.2.0 upgrade was successful. Now Inmotion app still connecting, EUC World not. What Bluetooth conn. password do you use?
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