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  1. Good to know! can others verify this? Last thing I want is a cut out. im 165 lbs if it matters.
  2. Well, now that I think of it, not even 35 I hit, but rather 32 is where I have pedal dip set to? I can’t even remember if 16x is capable of 35+ Pretty sure my recent Max was 30-32 though. Ya this isn’t a normal riding speed for me don’t get me wrong haha. Curious though, when u say this, do u mean in the context that the 16x is not well built enough for those speeds? As opposed to a Sherman?
  3. Good timing on this post haha, I just recently pushed the 30mph mark on my KS-16x, so im curious as well with others like you. For me, I have about....500-600 miles on my wheel now approx, and have been riding for a couple months. What ive noticed: - At 20-25mph, I've been able to comfortably / confidently ride and cruise, for the past month (or within 250-350 of mileage ive noticed) - 30-35mph, literally just this past weekend have broken that barrier and feel pretty confident still. I dont plan to ride frequent like this of course, but just good to know how that feels, and lik
  4. Interesting to know, since I have a 16x as well.... As I've become more experienced, and comfortably in the "intermediate" stage now, I've begun to experiment with foot placement as well, and Ive adapted to ride similar to you (or most I think, once they figure things out...) Now -- it's semi-wide stance, with toes pointed outward hanging off the front about 1-2", heels in (or neutral / middle, really); with this stance I've gotten less wobbles. One thing I've done, which I think all of us do as we get more experienced, is focus on riding as loose as possible; I used to have a d
  5. Yea w/ Horses, i understand that 100%, you just don't want to alarm them.... This path is great to know, i might have to join you one day! How often are you doing this trail??
  6. I've just been starting out to test my stamina with longer runs, and I think it's pretty decent / normal? I don't do 30 miles a day, just hard for me in particular to find the time for that, but recently did a couple "longer" runs that were about 30-35 miles I noticed; I think I did those each in a couple hours total? I've gotta check out Griffith Park apparently! My only qualms so far, is going off-road or on questionable terrain; I've yet to confidently ride on grass or bumpy dirt / gravel roads etc, would that be the terrain in Griffith? I'm planning to venture out and start
  7. So, you guys really can't picture any scenario where one would need to drive their car somewhere the wheel simply can't go? Is it a good enough reason, that maybe I take it to work with me, and use the wheel during my break? Come on...
  8. Hahah thats fair -- I knew I'd get flack for that, once people see im in CA And regarding what you said earlier too, you're right, with not dismissing GW completely, ive just already "sold" myself on the Sherman i think. OVERALL, as you implied too, all the manufacturers are still so young... the entire industry is so young, and moving pretty fast it seems. Lot of things can change between now and 6-12 months, it's best to take caution either way. What's crazy, is once this industry gets more mature years from now, we're gonna be seeing so many innovations and advancements, its gonna
  9. Damn, quite a testament -- but I dont blame ya. I've been sold on a Sherman already. GW / BG can't even figure out a reliable brand name, which is.... worrisome, to say the least. Just not gonna make a deposit / purchase until this winter season is over I think, the 16x is enough to keep me satisfied for now, since I don't plan on doing much riding in the cold / wet months.
  10. I'd never buy an EUC off of Aliexpress, period.
  11. So funny what we'll all do for our "adult toys" -- getting fresh into this hobby / sport, I figured "why would any one need more than one EUC? just buy a good one and be done with it", and just months into my first purchase of a solid wheel, im already eyeing a damn Sherman! hahha
  12. I'm a new rider, only 400 miles into my Kingsong 16x (love it), but already thinking of my next purchase; crazy how "obsessed" some of us riders are, but I'm 95% sold on the Sherman from everything Ive read and watched. Only issue (other than price), is it's just so damn heavy. I don't plan to be lifting it around much, but I'll need to be able to get it in and out of my trunk frequently. And I thought my KS16x was already heavy! With a lot of these newer wheels, especially the suspension ones, the clear trend we're all seeing is that the new standard high-performing wheel will be at
  13. - I have my first two alarms set at something like, 15 mph, then 20 mph -- currently the 3rd, and only audible "please decelerate" alarm is at 25 mph. - my pressure is set to 35 psi, and i weigh 165 lbs; 160 on a good day haha. Any suggestions? After I break it in, I feel like im more comfortable at around 30 psi, assuming this is what it drops to. When I first ride at 35 psi, I like how 'sharp' it feels, but do notice it a tad more squirrelly when im riding, and have to be a little more careful on carves / dips, etc.
  14. I never said this was unique to EUC's.... but let's face it, the probability of this happening on a bike is far less. But -- we are in an EUC-only forum though, right? Just sayin...
  15. Odd... Kingsong got back to me finally, and said the 'buzzing' is most likely the fan, but still nothing conclusive. They're very short on communications, and took weeks just to get that out of them. The 'beeps', or lack thereof, I'll need to open up the wheel and check the connection. They said if that doesn't work, I'll have to re-solder it on, which im not prepared to do hahah. Might just forget it if that's the case. Clearly some riders don't like the beeps anyways, but still...
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