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  1. Ewheels confirmed a modification was made to the shell to all 2021 models (V3 still) to protect the BMS from impact when landing on either side. For wheels that precede 2021 simply remove the plastic shown below on both panels. To keep it simple, place both panels side by side and remove the plastic on the left side of both panels when the inside is facing up (like the picture below). Do not try to mirror the cut onto the other panel (so don't flip the panel on top of the other one like a sandwich trying to align the bread lol) . The section that needs cut should be on the right side when moun
  2. Yes, you don't need pads to overcurrent and make it dip at 45% battery... just have to commit and control on pavement. This has happened to me several times around 28mph and I've recovered thanks to practicing this technique at lower speeds. I'd say 90% of people would have fallen in my situations, but for the 10% that are willing to invest the time and learn a hard technique, it will save them bumps, bruises, and money. Again, I can't emphasize enough that you need to be an advanced rider. to put it into perspective. I can ride MTB trains, Jump 5+ step stairs, ride down stairs, ride bac
  3. As a safety feature, I always ride with 1 - 4 degree tilt back. 1 for street 4 for trails... this causes most of your lower mass to be positioned behind the center of the wheel. I have come close to a cut out several times as I feel the peddle slowly or quickly dipping forward. When this happens, you simply straighten you knees (causing you to lean back naturally) and make yourself lighter using the same method of hopping to adjust your stance or curb jump. Hope this helps someone! Most people don't like to live on the edge of these systems, but I like to learn its limits to prevent
  4. This is a cool modification that led me down a HUGE rabbit role of about charging rates for different devices and ports. Looks like the typical phone can accept anywhere from 1-2.5 A Max. Iphone uses lightening cable and other devices use USB-C/USB3.1 What made you choose this specific port, and does it really matter which port you use because they will all be 12V? For example, if I wanted to charge my speaker, should I use USB3.1 -> input or USB-C -> input. Explain it to me like I'm 5 haha..
  5. Attached are the updated motor rims. previous rim was 4cm wide, it is now 6 cm wide... 50% increase. Some have reported minor scraping when riding with one foot. Photo cred: @upbnsfrrfan
  6. Weird, I edited the post and put them back in... hopefully they don't glitch again
  7. I have been following the Sherman since its leaked photos. I purchased a 16X as I anticipated waiting a year or so for the product to mature. Before purchasing my Sherman, I wanted to make sure I bought the version with the 1cm ~1/2 inch peddle height increase as well as the updated motor rim/peddle hanger, and waterproof display... I call this Version 3, and ill explain below... V1: Original Sherman V2: Sherman with updated Firmware and better insulation and size of motor wires (after Marty Backe tested on Overheat Hill) V2.5: Updated motor rim and increased peddle height (but
  8. I know Ewheels has the updated version with no scraping and a new motor rim, but I don't buy wheels from anyone else. I'd recommend contacting a representative from a retailer near your geographic region.
  9. Demand for the cells... not the wheel. Most factories have been operating with less workers due to covid resulting in slower production of cells. As supply decreases and demand stays the same (or slightly increases in our case), the price increases.
  10. The price increase is due to an increase in demand Ewheels stated in the Sherman description Owing to higher battery cell costs, price increased to $3,199
  11. An update on the scraping situation of the wheel. I emailed Ewheels to place my order of the Sherman and they sent this: "As for waterproofing and the rim design, the latest and and next batch feature a slightly wider rim for better tire stability, along with an upgraded waterproofed top panel. The motor hasn't been redesigned, but Veteran has updated the pedal hanger design so the tire does not scrape with this revised motor rim." I went ahead and placed my order. I think the Sherman is finally being refined to perfection, or close to it.
  12. (Yesterday, I was cruising around campus. Cop pulled me over for running a red light. It's not like I blew through it. I let all the pedestrians cross first, then with 10 seconds remaining, I crossed.) Cop: Hey man, as long as you're in the rode, you have to abide by traffic laws... Me: Cyclist run these lights all the time... previously, when talking to cops, they told me I was considered that bicycle while in the road, so I didn't see anything worthy of pulling me over for. I've done the same thing in front of several other cops and nobody had a problem with it... Cop: Just b
  13. What about all the people who are on IOS platform? Does Darknessbot have a similar feature? and also I was hoping the 80% tilt back would adjust with voltage, which is what I was hoping for from the new models such as RS and Monster Pro
  14. YES!!!! I don't understand why this isn't a standard feature!!!!
  15. I agree with an excellent head and tail light, but I would want the LED strips available as an option. I think it helps with visibility from the side during those cloudy days or right as the sun sets. Its still bright enough outside where you don't need your main lights on, but some LEDs help you stand out a bit more.
  16. So I should be reaching out to Veteran? haha I feel like each company should have a "What you Want in a Wheel" thread for their customers... or just one big one with several Polls or a survey like... What size motor: 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 What size Battery: 1800, 2200, 2600, 3200, 3600, 4000 Peddle height: 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7 System Voltage: 84, 100 Speakers: Yes, no Led: Yes, no handle, tire diameter, wheel thickness, etc.
  17. I have not had the opportunity to ride a monster. The new Monster Pro looks like it could be a "complete" wheel, but I really hope they updated the controller placement to the top allowing the packs to be evenly distributed for balance. How well can the Monster handle inclines/off-road/trials etc. ?
  18. I am sure many of us can agree that it is time for a new model from Gotway and hopefully 2021 gets us one step closer to the "perfect" high performance wheel. For 3+ years now we have watched this performance company skimp out and innovate an old idea (MS(x)) where they should be Inventing a new Unicycle. I bought the KS16x after doing over 100 hours of research to make sure I got the perfect beginner wheel, and it did not disappoint. The design just makes sense. Batteries on the sides, controller on top, and plenty of additional features. Now that I am ready to buy a high performance wheel I
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