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  1. As an Australian I don't get the slang but I'm accepting it as a compliment! Thanks, Shane.
  2. I did buy a pair of Ennui ankle guards, ordered the correct shoe size, but the ones that came were microscopic. I couldn't get them over my feet at all, but the skate retailer wouldn't take them back because I had opened the packet. They're pretty thin anyway, more for gravel rash than direct hits. Anyway, I'm happy with my Ankle Armour, they cost me nothing and work like a treat.
  3. I think I like the satisfying crack of pedal on armour... Boots must help, but do we strap pieces of hard shoe leather to our knee caps? Hopefully when I can get on and off this thing without it biting me I'll move up into the ranks of riders who find ankle armour unnecessary.
  4. I'm an absolute beginner, still trying to step on, get moving and step off. I've read here about attacks on the ankles while you're learning and two days ago the pedal caught my ankle bone really hard. Hard enough to deter me from trying again until it's properly healed. The thought of hitting that spot again is too much. So I decided not to stop riding but to protect my ankles. Something soft like neoprene would help but not much. So I made these with stuff I had in the shed. Flexible aluminium sheet and five layers of fibreglass. Neoprene would be good inside but five sheets of thin foa
  5. A Again I feel there is a cultural gulf in evidence here. Why would it get violent? This is Indonesia, not America. This is not an individualist gun culture with violence seen as the first and inevitable solution to every problem. Gotham, isn't that where Batman comes from? I'm far from expert, but I don't think Indonesia shares the cultural trope of masked vigilanties taking the law into their own hands and killing baddies. For all their faults and difficulties with "modernisation", Indonesians are far more likely to negotiate a socially acceptable solution between aggrieved pa
  6. I've just read this whole thread from beginning to end. What strikes me most is how the accident occurred in Jakarta, Indonesia and all the commentators, bar one, are from first world, western countries. We've got Yanks, Brits and Finns arguing over road rules and legal culpability, the definitions of manslaughter and murder, the morality of contrition, the disbelief that the deceased woman's family would not sue. Have any of these people actually been to Indonesia? One person thought it was Singapore. Indonesia is not like western countries in its legal system, its life philosophy and mo
  7. Thanks Tryptych for the encouragement. I think your tips are excellent from even my limited experience. I'm actually thinking of reducing the speed cap to 15km/hr because that's going to be scary enough for a while I imagine. It might also give me a taste of tilt back, which I understand can be disconcerting. I'd like to experience that before I face it at higher speeds. I have already bought padded under-shorts as part of my essential gear. "Bumsavers" the Roller Derby girls call them and I'm not embarrassed to wear them too. You just don't ask, "Does my bum look big in these?" It's
  8. My V8F arrived a week ago. Fantastic! Unfortunately so far I have been restricted to very light sessions of a few minutes a day because of a bad fall a few days before THE ARRIVAL. We live on a cliff top and it gets steep very quickly if you're in the wrong shoes... Anyway, I'm improving in my one-foot control, and today I was able to do a full pirouette on the lawn, my left foot spinning on the ball. I drove round and round until I got too dizzy. With the angles just right there was no pressure on my right knee at all. Unlike when I try to scoot forwards on one leg, but that's getti
  9. Ubute


    I realised what was the problem with the InMotion App, it's our terrible internet connection. Both phone data and our wireless internet are too slow for the IM App to log in to the Chinese server from Tasmania and do whatever it is they do to let me use the device I bought from them. It was the same thing when I tried to update the firmware on my DJI fpv drone gear. DJI is another big Chinese tech company and my updates all failed until I went to a friend a few clicks away who has better internet. It all happened seamlessly at his place. Both DJI and now InMotion.
  10. Ubute


    If this all gets too hard I'm getting one of these! I might get one anyway!
  11. Ubute


    This afternoon my V8F has finally arrived. Woohoo! The only dealer who apparently had one in stock turned out to be an eBay scammer who took my money and did nothing. After a few weeks I demanded my wheel and he immediately refunded me. I suppose the idea is to keep people's money as long as possible. Anyway I was refunded through Paypal and ordered again from a proper dealer, eRiderz. I'm glad I now have warranty back-up. While I've waited I've read on this forum the experiences of other older riders, their safety gear and their accidents. I've agonised over my choice of helmet and other
  12. Ubute


    Hi, I'm 71 and expecting my first wheel, a V8F, to arrive next week. I've done my research, I've weighed up the risks and I've decided to give it a go. I don't like falling and I'm slow to get up again, but I think I can take the odd slow speed tumble. The legs and knees aren't as strong as they used to be and I'm conscious of the possibility this might turn out to be too hard. But I'm going to take it slowly - I'm patient and persistent - practice all the drills and stop if I get tired or frustrated. Hopefully also arriving soon, a light weight full face helmet, gloves with built in wris
  13. Thanks for all the considered answers. I'm 71, not 80, and still relatively active. Reading all the feedback, I think I can be careful and protected enough to avoid serious injury. I can jog, (not for long!) and I can take a fall. I tripped over the other day dragging branches to a bonfire and went down on my hands and knees and hip. Nothing was broken, but I'd have been less sore and scratched if I'd been wearing safety gear! Ooh, it's exciting. I think I'm going for it!
  14. Hi MikieSWE As a relative youngster at 58, I don't imagine you're as creaky as me, but it's reassuring you think anyone can learn. Personal Electric Vehicles are still illegal in Australia, so I won't be blasting down the road any time soon. I'll probably be restricted to our own property and the local grass sports ground. I've seen the photos of the two 81 year old Frenchmen on EUC's. Can't let our Gallic friends beat us Aussies!
  15. Mike-Bike-Kite, an official guarantee on headed notepaper would be really cool. Thanks for the offer. I'm sure that would convince my wife. Despite my age, senility hasn't set in yet. I've had a reasonably adventurous life and have only just stopped motorcycling. I was a windsurfing pioneer in the '70's and had to learn everything from scratch. If there had been established techniques it would have all been easier. Last week I abseiled down our cliff for the first time. I've recently learnt to fly fpv drones. I'm not dead yet. I've watched lots of videos of people learning unicycles
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